Look Du Jour: Ringing in Spring

look du jour, ella catliff, la petite anglaise, spring

What: Markus Lupfer top, Mink Pink x Disney skirt, Alexander White shoes, Topshop socks, Pinko handbag, Karen Walker sunglasses

Where: Soho, London

Oh London, you absolute swine. Every single Spring you taunt us with the odd sunny surprise making it all the more upsetting when we wake up to pissing rain and winter-coat-necessary level cold the next morning. The day I wore this outfit was of course, one of the aforementioned sunny surprises…

FML that sounds like a potential name for a really awful “fruit flavoured” children’s drink, one that never actually got used because it was that awful… “Sunny surprises”, I mean…

Ok, picking up from where we left off before that highly unnecessary tangent, like most Londoners I get totally over excited the second the weather warms up and switch into full Spring gear. This involves instigating my “no more tights until November” rule, whipping out every brightly coloured piece of clothing I own and pretty much sacking off practicality entirely. I mean, the fact it isn’t raining doesn’t magically erase the pain caused by wearing pointy stilettos for a full day of meetings! But then again, these heels are pink and shiny and I wore them with glittery pop socks so who even cares about a few crushed toes?

So, let’s take this from the top, pun fully intended. This long sleeved, chiffon ruffle trimmed floral beauty is by my beloved Markus Lupfer. I probably don’t need to tell you, for the millionth time, how obsessed I am with literally everything he does. Seriously, is Markus even capable of getting it wrong?! I think not! If I remember correctly, this top was a pre-order from his AW16 collection so probably impossible to get hold of now. However all is not lost because you can find a ton of absolutely stunning alternatives online here.

The skirt is a new addition to my wardrobe and I just can’t seem to stop wearing it the moment. As a noughties teenager, I spent years living in a variety of embellished, embroidered and often obscenely short cut off denim mini’s. They made me feel like Marissa Cooper then and, as I learnt the second I put this skirt on, nothing’s changed in that respect. Expect to see this baby paired with multiple camisoles, polo shirts or maybe even a hot diamante embellished “Juicy Princess” t-shirt soon… I may or may not already own the latter but am yet to wear it outside the (relatively) shade free comfort of my flat.

That’s about enough reminiscing on the glory days when Paris Hilton’s autobiography – Confessions of an Heiress, full of excellent life advice such as “Be born into the right family. Choose your chromosomes wisely” and “If you’re happy, wear pink” – was my go-to read and J-Lo Glow my signature scent. Let’s get back to the skirt. Mink Pink partnered with Disney to create a “Beauty and The Beast” capsule collection and the results are utterly dreamy… I WANT EVERYTHING!!! The denim delight you see here is of course part of that collection, as is this embroidered mesh crop top which I’ve worn on repeat for the past few weeks too.

The bag is by Pinko, a brand I’m obsessed at the moment and am kicking myself for not fully acknowledging the awesomeness of sooner. They strike the perfect balance between pretty and sexy, chic and OTT, elegance and badassery and glamour and luxury… The saying “Italian’s Do It Better” may be cliched AF and most commonly seen on t-shirts purchased by tourists at kiosks selling knockoff Louis Vuitton handbags but it definitely, genuinely applies here.

So, thoughts on this Look Du Jour? And how happy are you that Spring is just about here!? FINALLY!!

Love Ella. X