Louis Vuitton Cruise 2013 Icons

Remember my Louis Vuitton Shoe Perspectives shoot back in the Summer? It was perhaps one of the dreamiest, most surreal experiences I’ve had in my three years of blogging so when they approached me with the idea for another petit project the answer was, obviously, YES! I don’t need to tell you how I feel about the iconic French fashion house. After all, I’ve professed my love for their bags, shoes, clothes and everything in between on more occasions than either of us care to count. But, I will tell you that the label’s Cruise 2013 offerings – which I was lucky enough to get to play with – are something truly special for a number of reasons. The “Icons Charlotte Perriand Collection” pays homage to one of the most inspiring women of the 20th century. One of the most influential architects and furniture designers of the early modern movement, Charlotte Perriand well and truly shattered the glass ceiling of her day. Perriand was famously rejected on her first attempt to work for Le Corbusier, but the legendary architect changed his tune after seeing the glacial Bar sous le Toît, or rooftop bar that she had created in glass, steel and aluminium, for the Salon D’Automne exhibition in Paris and Charlotte joined his studio where she went on to create some of the pieces that remain iconic feats of modernist design. I won’t give you a full blow by blow of her incredible career, Perriand achieved so many gobsmacking feats it would be both foolish and incredibly word count consuming to even try. Suffice to say, the multi-talented architect, designer, urban planner and photographer (I know!) was as elegant as she was accomplished and the collection Louis Vuitton has concocted in homage to her legacy is the very epitome of effortless sophistication. Travel, functionality, timelessness and know how; all features characteristic of Perriand’s life and work that have been recreated by way of immaculately cut gingham tailoring, buttersoft leather and luxurious yet practical accessories. As you can probably imagine, the idea of having free reign to style and shoot the Charlotte Perriand Icons collection was both exhilerating and utterly terrifying so I just hope we managed to do it justice, let me know what you think…

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_007

Wearing Poplin Vichy Jumpsuit, £1,525, Crossbody leather bag, £1,370 & Liner Sandal, £685

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_015

Wearing Mariniere Leather Dress, £2,115, Waterbay Wedge Sandal, £730 & Modul Damier Couleur Clutch, £955

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_013

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_019

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_026

Wearing Cotton Poplin Saharian Shirt, £595, Smooth Stretch Leather Leggings, £1,445, High Sea Ankle Strap Sandal, £635 & Pochette Element Damier Couleur, £435

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_028

Louis Vuitton Ella Catliff by Holly McGlynn Oct 13_029

Besides celebrating an array of utterly exquisite clothes and the legend of Charlotte Perriand, this shoot also ties in with another oh-so-exciting development in the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton. Namely, the unveiling of their much anticipated Selfridges Townhouse. The maison-en-maison opens its doors tomorrow and the Charlotte Perriand Icons collection will be launched there when it does, so get yourselves to Selfridges ASAP!

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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    That is my dog! could you please send me the pictures!!!! And possibly the royalties 🙂

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    You look incredible in these shots! Seriously beautiful 🙂


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    Clean cut, lady like and sophisticated.

    Love all the outfits, don’t know which one is my favourite because they are all a stunner. You are looking gorgeous

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