LPA Exclusive: Diesel SKINZEES

Diesel Skinzees

I hope you don’t mind my taking a brief hiatus from all things fashion week related but when the lovely folk at Diesel offered me the exclusive on the campaign for their hotter-than-hot new denim collection how could I possibly resist!?

Diesel Skinzees

I remember my first pair of Diesel jeans like it was yesterday. In fact, I still have them. Bought for me by my mother after much persuasion (read: sulking, sobbing… I was a horrible teenager) in the Tunbridge Wells branch of Fenwicks aged 14, those jeans were my absolute pride and joy. A whopping seven years on they’re still going, chopped into very short shorts one summer on a whim.

Aside from revealing what a colossal brat I used to be and how little I’ve grown since I was fourteen, the point of that little anecdote was to highlight Diesel’s denim legacy. Their many variations on the cowboy’s style staple have clad some of the most famous and fabulous derriers around not to mention my parents’, my own and, in the future, probably my grandchildren’s too. This week marks the unveiling of Diesel’s latest project SKINZEE, a collection of form fitting, super sleek, don’t-lose-their-shape jeans modelled by the gorgeous Amber le Bon. In celebration of the launch, Diesel enlisted the talented likes of photographer Felix Cooper and Dazed and Confused/AnOther Magazine stylist Eliza Grace Cummings to capture Amber in all her SKINZEE clad glory. This is one of my favourite images from the shoot, seen for the first time on La Petite Anglaise!

Love Ella. X

Ps) The Diesel SKINZEES collection is available now at www.asos.com/ Harvey Nicols / Brown Thomas / Coggles / Pilot and selected independents throughout the UK.

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