LPA & Kate Spade New York Invite You!

Kate Spade NY x LPA

I don’t need to tell you lot how I feel about Kate Spade New York. From my NYFW reports to my wish lists to my most loved outfit posts, I’ve waxed lyrical about my sheer adoration for the Big Apple’s prime purveyor of all things preppy so many times it borders on worryingly obsessive. But can you blame me? Between the colour popping hues, darling details and sheer joie de vivre exuded from every gorgeous garment or morsel of arm candy they dole out, Kate Spade NY is absolute fashion catnip for the girly girl in all of us. With this in mind, I could not physically be any more excited to announce my upcoming collaboration with the brand. Keeping schtum about it for the past few weeks has been no mean feat I tell you. But I don’t have to any more, huzzah! So here you have our invitation.

On Tuesday 15th of April, Kate Spade New York and I would love, love, love you to join us for a very special event at their Westfield store. There will be styling, shopping, champagne and 15% off E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G plus a pretty tantalising competition. This competition is all about accessorising, one of my favourite pastimes and something I’m sure you all do fabulously. On this occasion, that sartorial skill could help you win a Kate Spade New York Bow Terrace Justine handbag worth £270!!

Kate Spade NY 1

Kate Spade New York’s Bow Terrace Justine Handbag that COULD BE YOURS!

On April 15th I’ll be challenging guests to style up their favourite Kate Spade New York accessories in store – from handbags to pop socks and iPhone cases, there are so many to play with – and snap a polaroid for our in store photo board. At the end of the night, I’ll be going through the snaps and selecting a winner based on their accessorising prowess. That winner will have their styled up shot featured on La Petite Anglaise and, way more importantly, get to take home THIS BAG! If that’s not a cracking reason to tempt you out on a Tuesday evening then frankly, I don’t know what is! In case you fancy a bit of Kate Spade New York accessory styling inspo I’ll  be sharing my own take on it later this week. Watch this space my friends…

Whether or not you’re in it to win it, I’d be so, so thrilled if you came along to say hello, enjoy a glass of something tasty and join me in celebrating one of my absolute favourite brands. Hope to see you soon!

Love Ella. X

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