I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but BLK DNM has been cropping up a lot in my weekly wish lists of late. So much in fact, that I decided it was high time I did a whole post devoted to them and them alone. In case you didn’t know (unlikely) BLK DNM is the cult New York label currently setting the fashion world on fire and it’s got serious style credentials. It has the igenious brand name (things just sounds hipper vowel-less, non?) and the A-List ambassadors (think Chloe Sevigny and Madonna)… The so-cool-it-hurts tumblr and devoted fash pack following not to mention, a founder whose been dubbed “Tom Ford of downtown” more than twice. But most of all, BLK DNM consistently delivers garments so goddamn gorgeous you’d sell your grandmother to own them. Case in point: their latest special project, a limited edition 8 piece collection of luscious-beyond-belief leather jackets incorporating everything from alligator skin arms to plush purple pelt. But these my fashion loving friends, are only the tip of the ice berg.


1) Western Style Denim Shirt, £150, click here to buy
2) Biker Style Zip Leather Trousers, £675, click here to buy
3) Double Breasted Cropped Blazer, £600, click here to buy
4) Zip Ankle Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, £130, click here to buy

After 20 years in the fashion industry, you’d expect man-behind-the-brand Johan Lindeberg to know a few things about making luxury feel like a necessity, but BLK DNM conveys such a temptingly tangilbe image of Manhattan below fourteenth street chic that you don’t even feel co-oerced into wanting to buy into it… You just do. While admittedly it’s not my usual bows, collars and embellishment galore style, every girl needs good basics. And basics don’t come much better than these now do they?!

Love Ella. X

Ps) To any of my friends or family who might be reading this, all I want for Christmas is… a BLK DNM limited edition leather jacket. And yes, I know prices start at £2170/¢3495 but given that I’d basically live in it, on a cost-per-wear basis it would be practically free!

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