LPA Loves: Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Ok, so I know I’m a bit late off the mark with this one as the entire fashion world has been #OBSESSED with Opening Ceremony for some time now. While I’ve always appreciated the awesomeness of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s in-house label, I suspected their garments were the kind of so-cool-it-hurts attire that I would look foolish wearing myself. Oh, how wrong I was. Or at least, how wrong I hope I was because I have every intention of buying, wearing and adoring Opening Ceremony until I go bankrupt. Lim and Leon are ingenious fashion alchemists who somehow manage to create the perfect fusion of quirky-cute and modern cool, resulting in garments so covetable I’d sell my younger brother/kidney/iPhone to own them. Just get a load of these stunners from the AW12 collection…

Opening Ceremony

1) Babydoll Coat, £620, click here to buy
2) Emerald Dot Brocade Dress, £350, click here to buy
3) Lurex Boucle Collar Top, £258, click here to buy
4) Lurex Boucle Mini-Skirt, £258, click here to buy
5) Julietta Loafers, £190, click here to buy
6) Brenda Chelsea Boots, £246, click here to buy
7) Tango Ballerina Shoes, £186, click here to buy

I’m seriously considering investing in the Babydoll coat. Admittedly the price is a little steep but worked out on a cost-per-wear basis over several seasons it would basically pay for itself! But then, can you really have the coat without buying an entire Opening Ceremony outfit to wear it over? There goes my student loan…

Love Ella. X

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