LPA Loves: Rosie Sugden

Rosie Sugden

I apologise in advance for banging on about the weather (haven’t I been so good about not doing that lately?) but this year Autumn seems to have bypassed London altogether. Summer was, as per usual, a bit of a non starter and by October I had already spotted the first frosts! Much as I loathe the cold, it’s not entirely without its benefits as a) it gives me an excellent excuse to moan and b) it means we can wrap ourselves up in lots of cosy cashmere. Every year I go to town with the Winter accessories and despite my extensive collection of hats, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, wooly tights and wristwarmers there’s always room in my wardrobe for new additions. The current designer who’s cashmere creations I’m coveting is an ultra talented Scot by the name of Rosie Sugden.

Rosie Sugden

Between compiling my weekly wish lists and my frequent trips to Marylebone High Street (it’s 5 minutes from my house, can you blame me?) rarely a week goes by without my having a few encounters with Matches. Rosie’s fluoro pom-pommed beanies caught my eye the second the store started stocking them back in September and having tried them all on while doing my in-store shoot there a couple of weeks ago, I can confirm that they’re every bit as delectable as you’d imagine. I’d been meaning to post about the brand for a while so was absolutely thrilled when Rosie Sugden herself got in touch to “introduce” me to her collection. I was interested (and impressed) to learn that Rosie sources her fibres from the grasslands of inner Mongolia before taking transforming them into super cute accessories back home in Scotland. I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite but if forced I think I’d have to go for the eye-popping pink set… matching, eye-catching and adorable!

Rosie Sugden

Click here to shop the Rosie Sudgen collection at Matches.

Love Ella. X

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