LPA Styles It: Louis Vuitton Foulards D’ Artistes

Louis Vuitton

I definitely don’t need to tell you how I feel about fash brand x artist collaborations, especially when said collaboration involves Louis Vuitton. Having obsessed over the Yayoi Kusama collection all summer (polkadots on EVERYTHING? Genius!) I was extremely excited when a press release arrived in my inbox announcing their latest project, Foulards D’Artistes. Anyone who accuses Louis Vuitton of cashing in by enlisting major art world names to design for them should know that in fact, the brand has been at it since the 19th century. Plus not all the artists they work with are internationally renowned like Kusama. For SS13 they’ve taken a risk on three emerging street artists but it’s certainly paid off. Aiko, Retna and Os Geméos were invited to re-interpret Louis Vuitton’s iconic scarves using their own unique artistic styles. Personally I think the results are on par with that leopard print number by Stephen Sprouse. With something as exquisite as these scarves, it seems a shame just to paraphrase the press release so when the lovely folk at Louis Vuitton asked if I’d like to style them myself the obvious response was “hell yes!” Plus they’re not going to be in the shops for a little while yet and I was dying to see them up close.

I had planned on having a major saturday afternoon dressing up session with the scarves but, unsurprisingly, a magazine called them in leaving me with just a couple of hours to get them styled and shot. So I dragged my long-suffering boyfriend out of bed (to be fair it was almost midday) to take some photographs… Et voila!

The SCRIPT stole by RETNA

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

As anyone in London will be well aware, it’s absolutely FREEZING at the moment. Few things could entice me outside without multiple layers but I’ll happily risk pneumonia for Louis Vuitton. I absolutely adore this scarf, it’s the perfect trans-seasonal cover up. You all know my penchant for colour coordination so seeing I couldn’t resist dressing in red, cream and blue. This exactly how I’d wear the RETNA stole for meetings in my dreams early Spring.

The Giant Four Seasons Silk Square by Aiko

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Regardles of whether you’re a “scarf person” (FYI I am, big time) you’ll have to agree that this particular number is awesome. It’s bold, brash and clashing in a way that shouldn’t work but does oh-so-brilliantly. I ummed and ahhhd for ages about what to wear it with (while the boyf sulked in the kitchen) and in the end I decided the only way would be to go monochrome and let the scarf do the talking. And then obviously I had to show off the whole, beautiful thing… While pulling a silly face.

The Mosaic Silk Square by Os Geméos

louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Last but not least was this snazzy micro-moon mosaic silk scarf. By this point I was so cold I genuinely thought my face might fall off and decided to wear something slightly more weather appropriate. While I did admittedly shove the outfit I’d been wearing that morning back on out of desperation I think it works really well with the scarf. Its bold print adds a certain something to an otherwise fairly “meh” ensemble.

What do you think of Louis Vuitton Foulards D’Artistes and of course, how I styled them?

Love Ella. X

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  2. Fauxionista says:

    I love all three outfits that you styled with the scarfs but my favorite is the final outfit with the Mosaic Silk Square.

    But of the three scarfs, my favorite is the Script Stole!


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