LPA x Glamour Beauty Festival 2016

LPA x Glamour Beauty Festival

I almost started this post by saying something along the lines of “being a blogger, whether full time or on top of a whole other job, inevitably involves a whole lot of working weekends.” Then I realised how much of a colossal prat I sounded for so many reasons, not least the fact that so, so, SO many professions involve working weekends the challenges posed by which I and my internet dwelling peers couldn’t begin to comprehend. Anyway, my point was that shooting this video at the Glamour Beauty Festival was, technically speaking, a “working weekend” for me given that said filming and took place over Saturday and Sunday… But as I thought numerous times over those two days, if I could consider what was occurring any remote semblance of work then I was a very, very lucky girl indeed…

As you’ve probably clocked from watching this video, Glamour Beauty Festival was utterly brilliant. The Saatchi Gallery provided a location of dreams, the talks wonderfully varied and genuinely useful, the brands and pampering on offer so delectable I, for one, really could have handled staying for a week.

Huge, huge thanks to Glamour Magazine, Saatchi Gallery and all the brands and partners involved. Bring on next year!

Love Ella. X

5 Thoughts on LPA x Glamour Beauty Festival 2016

  1. Sophie Lee says:

    Nice video, the festival looks so cool and had a lot of fun

    Love from Best Bags for Women and Men 2016

  2. Zain B says:

    Amazing Festival Beautiful People

    Zain B From : http://zfashioncraze.blogspot.com/

  3. Madelyn says:

    I guess it is fun to ‘work’ weekends as a blogger. Nice time spending, right?

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  5. Ev says:

    Love it!


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