LPA x Motilo: Style Surgery


It’s Friday, it’s gloriously sunny and I’m about to announce a fab new project with Motilo… Life is GOOD! For those that don’t know, although I suspect most of you do, Motilo is a seriously cool social shopping platform that’s pioneering a new approach to buying online. As opposed to purchasing products from the solitary confines of your laptop (or smartphone, tablet etcetera, this is 2014) with only your credit card for company, the platform is all about recreating the companionable, recreational pastime of trawling the stores with friends in the digital dimension. It’s about experience and enjoyment, the actual act of buying or not is only a very small part of it. This, to me, is very interesting and certainly very apt for an age when a) we spend as much, if not more, time interacting digitally as we do physically and b) there are so many hundreds of thousands of e-tailers out there at a certain point it becomes hard to tell them apart. Motilo is, of course, a super slick site which combines endlessly gorgeous garms across a wide range of price points with excellent editorial features but what really separates it from the pack is it’s Q&A interface. Unsure how to rock culottes? Pose your style dilemma to Motilo’s 20 thousand plus subscribers and you can be sure to receive a range of suggestions. Or if it’s a expert opinion you’re after then you can go direct to the Motilo girls and the likes of Susie Lau, Martha Ward, Juliana Reston Roitfeld and Lulu Kennedy will answer your wardrobe woes as well as sharing their own. This is obviously hugely helpful in terms of making sure you look chic, but I think it’s also a really unique way of enabling anyone with an interest to interact with a range of inspiring fashion figures. And then of course, there’s the fact that styling imaginary looks and perusing other people’s wish lists is way more fun than work and infinitely more productive than looking at pictures of pugs on Buzzfeed.

So now I’ve given you my take on Motilo, it’s time to tell you about our collaboration! On Monday 19th of May I will be joining the ranks of Juliana et al to run a week long Style Surgery! This will involve me styling up looks and spending lots of time playing with the site (yay) but it will also mean I’m on hand, or rather online, to solve YOUR style dilemmas. Whether it’s a genuine quandry or you just fancy challenging me to style something tricky, whatever sartorial nous I’ve built up over the past four years is at your disposal. While I’m delighted to answering queries throughout the week, Thursday 21st of May is the official, all day Style Surgery so head over to my profile between now and then to ask away. Alternatively you can tweet questions to @Ella_LaPetite mentioning @Motilo if you prefer to do it that way. Can’t wait to answer your dilemmas and hear what you think of my solutions! Feel free to disagree, after all it would be boring if we all had the same taste.

Love Ella. X

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