LPA x Mulberry: The Kensal


As you all undoubtedly know, I’m a handbag-aholic. Big ones, small ones, leather ones, calfhair ones, I crave, covet and hoard handbags. Seriously, my flat currently looks like some sort of crazy accessory tornado hit it. This isn’t helped by the fact I’m currently attempting to do the big new season wardrobe switchover… But anyway, I digress. Ever since I’ve been old and fashion obsessed enough to perpetually desire pretty things I can’t afford, Mulberry has been very dear to me. From the bags I constantly tried to pinch from my mum as a teenager, to the Tillie tote I spent an entire term’s student loan on during my first year of University, it’s been a love affair albeit of the one way variety until recently. Since starting La Petite Anglaise I’ve been lucky enough to have more in depth dealings with Mulbs than merely ogling their creations and it’s been a real privilege to learn more about the company, attend their wonderful shows, wear their fabulous clothes and get to know the team. So when they asked if I might be interested in collaborating with them on the launch of the new Kensal bag obviously my answer was YES!

mulberry ella catliff

ella catliff mulberry

The Kensal collection is delectable, sleek, modern and luxe with a hint of “don’t mess with me” about it. It’s also got the whole one-bag-two-ways thing down thanks to a detachable shoulder strap. In styling up the Kensal I decided to go bright, printed and summery in one of my favourite looks from the SS14 collection. It was a potentially high risk move, given that we were shooting outside and Blighty cannot be relied upon not to randomly start snowing but luckily the weather was glorious. As for the location, where else could we choose than the neighbourhood after which the bag was named? Located in West London (AKA my ‘hood) a mere stone’s throw from Portobello, Kensal is one of the coolest up-and-coming spots in the city with the most gorgeous florist’s and chic bars, pubs and cafes a’plenty. I now want to move there and am genuinely thinking about it!

ella catliff mulberry

ella catliff mulberry

You can see more snaps from the shoot over on The Mulberry Journal and the Kensal collection is now available to buy online here

Love Ella. X

Images by Lea Salomone


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  4. You can’t go wrong with a good envelope clutch … but the ostrich-embossed leather and that sleeveless swing jacket in the last picture? My heart just skipped a beat. <3

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