Marni Winter Edition 2013



Marni is another brand who’s sheer, unadulterated awesomeness I’ve only really come to appreciate in the past year or so. Maybe before that I was a bit of a fashion philistine (a phrase I’m hereby coining and will from now on use at every possible opportunity) who knows. Whatever the reason for my previous foolishness, since being awakened to Marni’s unique brand of quirky, high fash cool, my obsession with the Italian label has known no bounds. While I’ll forever be bitter to have missed out on their H&M collection (one of the few genuinely decent high street/designer collaborations in my opinion), since then Consuela Castiglioni has concocted more than enough sartorial delights to keep my imagination, if not my limited-budget-afflicted wardrobe, more than satisfied.


According to the fashion calendar, Spring/Summer 2013 is upon us. In reality, or at least in London, it’s damp, grey and absolutely bloody freezing. We’ve long since lost interest in the winter collections but at the same time the idea of slipping into a little chiffon number while there’s frost on the ground seriously doesn’t appeal and anyone who attempts “winter leg” (i.e bare legs before March) is either very brave, or very foolish. There in lies the genius of Marni Winter Edition. Supplying us fashion hungry folk with new clothes that we can wear right now without risking hypothermia? Simple yet brilliant. And as for the clothes in question, covetable doesn’t even begin to cover it. Marni Winter Edition 2013 is all about “girls that dress like boys”, extremely chic boys that it. Castiglioni has reappropriated typical  menswear staples like double breasted blazers, slouchy trousers, duffel coats and parkas, combining them with neatly pleated skirts, fur trims, oversized florals and hits of glimmering gold and salmon pink to create a girlish edge.


As always with Marni, the devil is in the deliciously kooky details, and their latest offerings feature dogstooth prints, tonal stripes and geek chic chunky loafers trimmed with white leather fringing. Marni Winter Edition 2013 perfectly toes the (very fine) line between Front Row-worthy and wearable, I expect to see a lot of this collection during fashion week!

Love Ella. X

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