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matthew williamson

First let me say, happy spring everyone! That sounds a bit lame I know and, in fashion terms, the season started rather a while ago but the first official day was yesterday and I for one am oh so ready to wave goodbye to my knitwear collection for a while. That I’m posting this today also feels appropriate given the subject; Matthew Williamson’s 3D floral skirt, a garment that fills me with more joy than a wood full of bluebells or a field full of lambs or other such spring like things.

As you know, I utterly adore all things Matthew Williamson. The colour, the prints, the embellishment… Every piece is like a feast for the eyes and a minimalist’s worst nightmare, in a great way. Given my infatuation, I was thrilled when Matthew and his team invited me to take part in their “Handpicked” series for SS14. Handpicked is basically an ongoing project that involves high profile Williamson fans selecting their favourite item from the current collection. Given that it generally does involve only high profile individuals – think Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and Twiggy – I was a smidge surprised and extremely  flattered to be asked to take part. My fellow pickers this season were Paloma Faith, Elle Magazine Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy and Sunday Times Style’s Laura Weir which got me even more excited. The only issue was, what gorgeous garm to pick??? After spending more time than I care to admit perusing Matthew’s SS14 collection rather than writing the thesis that seems to be going on forever, I settled on the Daisy Lace Midi Skirt. Obviously, it’s divine. But beyond the skirt’s aesthetic loveliness, the craftsmanship behind it is fascinating. In the style of the petits mains of Paris couture, Matthew and his design team painstakingly hand embroidered the skirt with delicate daisies that also where hand painted and hand cut. It takes 6 hours to produce 10cm of the fabric. Matthew Williamson is the antithesis of fast fashion, every garment is a labour of love and that’s no doubt one of the reasons that women, like myself, feel so strongly about the brand.

matthew williamson

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Love Ella. X


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  1. I have so much love for Matthew Williamson – you can always rely on him to provide the colour and embellishment in a season when everyone else seems to have gone on a minimalist bent. And the craftsmanship that goes into his pieces is just mind-blowing. This skirt is truly incredible.

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