Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the chicest of them all…

Now I’m not making excuses or anything, but thinking up blog posts during the Christmas/New Year period is pretty bloody tricky. Endless holiday-themed posts run the risk of being cheesey, boring and causing a widespread boycott of your blog. After all, there are only so many times one can use, read or hear the phrase “festive sparkle” before being overwhelmed with the desire to dress only in black for the rest of your life. But then again, it is the season to be jolly and ignoring it all together just seems plain miserable. The New Year is fast approaching and it seems a shame to let 2011 slip away without so much as acknowledging the 12 months of fashion which will soon be little more than a distant memory. So in an attempt to look back on the sartorial year we will soon be leaving behind without boring you, or myself, to tears I’ve decided to compile my own “best dressed” list for the year that’s about to be gone…

Name: Alexa Chung
Occupation: TV Presenter
USP: (that’s unique STYLE point btw) Geek Chic

Alexa Chung

Name: Florence Welch
Occupation: Singer
USP: Pre-Raphelite Locks and Ethereal Elegance

Florence Welch

Name: Hanneli Mustaparta
Occupation: Blogger/Photographer/Stylist/Model
USP: Simple but effective

Hanneli Mustaparta

Name: Olivia Palermo
Occupation: Ummmm…
USP: Groomed n’ Glossy

Olivia Palermo

There’s no way in hell I could possibly pick a favourite so instead I leave it down to you… which one of these four fabulously dressed females truly is the chicest of them all?

Love Ella. X

4 Thoughts on Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the chicest of them all…

  1. Becky says:

    Difficult to choose between Hanneli and Olivia.

  2. Tara India says:

    Olivia Palermo & Florence Welch.. so different, and so stylish, I can't choose between them! Happy New Year! xox


  3. Claira M says:

    alexa chung and olivia palermo…hard choice!

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