New Years Fasholutions 2013

new years fasholutions

new years fasholutions

I cannot BELIEVE that a whole three years have passed since I made my first ever set of Fasholutions! For those of you who missed previous editions, New Years fasholutions are much like New Years resolutions only a lot more fun and marginally less likely to get broken before January 5th. Whatever way you hang it, 2012 has been a pretty awesome year style wise. From broderie anglaise, deco glamour and haute sportswear to trouser suits, statement knits and baroque opulence, designers have offered up something delectable for everyone and who know what 2013 will bring… Well, anyone who paid the slightest bit of attention to the SS13 collections back in September but still, you catch my drift. Around this time each year I always vow to make the next 12 months my chicest yet. Whether or not I’m ever successful in this is a matter of opinion but either way, considering which looks to try and what to ditch is considerably more enjoyable than deciding to give up smoking or join a gym. So here goes…

1) “Less Alexa, more Carine” is going to be my style mantra for 2013. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be a fair few Peter Pan collars on the cards but as I’m approaching the grand old age of 22 I feel it might be time to vamp things up a bit.

2) Spend more £ on clothes. This sounds silly but I’ve realised that the amount of money I spend on non-essential items like Starbucks lattes (no one, not even me, needs 3 per day), itsu salmon boxes (ditto) and wine-in-bars is eating into my handbag fund. This year I will learn to cook, curb my caffeine addiction, drink cheap plonk in the comfort of my own home and finally achieve my goal of owning a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel in every colour.

3) Take fashion risks. This is really a continuation of fasholution number 1. There are only so many blouse/ballet pumps/A-line skirt combos a girl can wear in one lifetime… It’s time for me to branch out. That means slinky pencil skirts, luxe bomber jackets and maybe even *shock, horror* trainers.

4) Go OTT or go home. I’m aware that fasholution number 3 is relatively likely to fail given the sheer adorability (is this a word? It so should be!) of Kate Spade New York’s SS13 collection. So if I’m going to give in to the allure of preppy chic, it has to be MEGA preppy chic. Think Clueless inspired skirt suits, head-to-toe bows and pastel pop socks galore… Basically my wardrobe last summer times 10.

5) Put style above comfort, always. Another obvi one but I know it’s going to be FREEZING during New York Fashion Week in February and I’m determined not to end up giving in to the cold and wearing a million layers as a result. Mini Michelin Man is not a good look.

6) Stop biting my nails. This is a pretty dull fasholution but let’s face it, stumps are not chic.

7) Sleep in style. After spending most of 2012 resisting the allure of silk jammies I’m now overwhelmed by the urge to sleep insomething more stylish that my brother’s old Homer Simpson t-shirt and a pair of moth-eaten tartan pj bottoms. Just how fabulous would it feel to lounge around drinking peppermint tea (or, more likely, Pinot Grigio) and painting your nails wearing an ensemble that could double as cocktail attire?!

8) Rock a bold lip. Also along the same lines as fasholutions 1 and 3 (AKA I’m not 12 and must stop dressing like it). Recently I’ve been forcing myself to experiment with lipstick and while my make up applying skills remain questionable, a bold lip makes you feel instantly more glamourous. This year I’m going to be pouting in every colour of the rainbow… World, watch out!

What New Years fasholutions will YOU be making for 2013?

Love Ella. X

5 Thoughts on New Years Fasholutions 2013

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  4. Amy says:

    Great resolutions! I make a different style resolution every year – 2010: go blonde, 2011: start wearing trousers, 2012: be brave enough for lipstick – but I can’t decide for 2013. I’m thinking maybe a pixie cut! What do you think? Happy New Year, Ella! 🙂

    • Ella Catliff says:

      Thanks lovely:) Ooh I’d say definitely go for the pixie cut, would suit you for sure! Happy New Year to you too xxx

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