New Year’s Fasholutions 2014

It’s that time of year again people… time for my New Year’s Fasholutions! I imagine that many of you were probably in the same boat as me yesterday morning. That is, hideously hungover, curled up in the foetal position watching The Hills/Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Insert-brainless-TV-show-of-choice-here, swearing that you’d never touch tequila again. In light of said over indulgence you might be tempted to make an array of impossible to keep resolutions. Well my friends, listen up. Browsing and Matches in order to make fasholutions is a far better way to procrastinate away your first work day let me tell you. Or perhaps you’re one of those super sensible people who toasted the New Year with a kale smoothie and have already done two hours of yoga this morning in which case traditional resolutions (i.e. stop smoking and eating Nutella straight out of the jar, start going to the gym) are redundant anyway. In previous years I’ve claimed that fasholutions are more likely to be kept than resolutions. This has not proved to be particularly true… yet. So without further ado, here are the solemn sartorial vows I’m making for 2014…

New Years 23.1 Phillip Lim Souvenir Trim Twill Embellished Bomber Jacket, £1,160 V REDValentino Scallop Trim Coat, £399

1) Dress my age more often. I know, I know I make a similar fasholution every year. But now, at the grand old age of 22, it’s probably time I occasionally began branching out into adult clothes. That is, young adult clothes. When I experimented with age appropriate clothing over 2013 (i.e. suitable for 22 year old working in fashion, not nursery school student or middle aged dowager) it’s been well received so expect more in future. I predict this resolution will last until I encounter anything by REDValentino.

make up

From left: MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick, £15, bareMinerals Ready Eye Shadow Duo, £19 & Butter London Artful Dodger Nail Polish, £12

2) Master make up. Or more accurately, stop being quite so useless and lazy at makeup. Remember my bareMinerals how to video? I promised I’d actually do the white hot smoky thing and never bloody did. But all that’s about to change. There are only so many times a girl can rock a single slick of black liquid eye liner before it gets seriously boring. Prepare yourself for Drag Queen Ella people…


3) Stop guzzling Starbucks take away lattes on the go. Boring I know and admittedly not a “fasholution” per se but the number of coffee stains afflicting my wardrobe is grows by the day and last year’s dry cleaning expenditure was ridiculous.

new year's

From left: Topshop Balconette Bra and Low Rise Ladypants,£ 26 & L’Agence by L’Agent Provocateur Rosalyn Flocked Tulle Bra, £45 & Briefs, £26

4) Wear better underwear, preferably matching sets in luxe fabrics. After all, it seems a damn shame to wear fancy threads over mangy old M&S granny pants.


From left: Smythson Panama Collection Passport Cover, £115 & Large Slim Purse, £250

5) Invest in matching, monogrammed Smythson accessories. Yes, this may mean I won’t be able to pay my phone bill or eat anything other than instant noodles for about six months but oh, how GLAM I shall feel!

New Year's

From left: Sophia Webster Leilou stripe leather, suede and canvas sandals, £430 & Penelope glitter heel pumps reduced from £450 to £225

6) Stop destroying shoes. During 2013 I acquired a few truly fabulous pants pairs so I must stop doing what I always do. That is, wearing the ones I love morning, noon and night in all weather conditions and for inappropriate occasions (i.e. hideous club with sticky floor or Christmas in the countryside) so they fall apart, taking a little piece of my heart with them.

New Year's

From left: Heidi Klein Saint Maxime Bikini, £180, Mara Hoffman Printed Voile Playsuit £150, Prism Capri Sunglasses £265 & Orlebar Brown Bichon Cotton Terry Shorts, £95

7) Get my head around “holiday dressing.” Confession time, my holiday wardrobe consists mainly of floral bits and bobs I owned aged 18 and city pieces playing at being casual with the addition of sandals and unstructured accessories. This summer I intend to H-O-L-I-D-A-Y big time armed with a suitcase of bikini cover ups that aren’t actually just old tank tops.

new year's

From left: Topshop Oriental Floral Cigarette Pants, £38, J.Crew Collection Cafe Silk Jacquard Capri Pants, £200, Whistles Camo Jacquard Trousers reduced to £85 & Sophie Hulme Tailored Wool Trousers, £350

8) More trousers for evening. I’m a long term skirt aficionado and still struggle to force myself into a pair of party pants. Whenever I do manage it, I feel like the slickest, sexiest most badass person in the room (evidently great trousers can cause even greater levels of delusion) so during 2014, I’ll be doing a whole lot more of it.

What fasholutions will YOU be making this year?

Love Ella. X

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  4. Lola says:

    I have just put together my list of resolutions, they are the standard “eat better, gym, read more etc” ones. I like the idea of “fashiolutions much more!! I must say though Ella, I love the way you dress, you always make me wanna wear more pastel, sweet-like colours but you also have a very sophisticated style of dressing too-good balance! XX

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