Off To Paris With H&M Studio

H&M Studio Paris

H&M Studio Paris

As everyone on the planet probably knows by now thanks to my incessant complaining, thanks to my impending university finals this season I was forced to make the hideous decision only to do London Fashion Week. Not that London’s not awesome, obvs it is, but I had such a ball covering New York and Paris last Autumn and really, really wanted to do so again this time. Damn education, spoiling my fun again. Anyway, my unwillingly sensible intentions went somewhat out of the window when I received an offer I couldn’t refuse from H&M Studio. Having made their Paris Fashion Week debut last February, the high street giant will be putting on another catwalk extravaganza to showcase their AW14 collection and invited your’s truly to attend the show and partner with them on the launch of their global Pinterest. A quick trip to Pais for an evening of fashion and fabulousness and the chance to work with H&M again, what sane person would say no to that? All thoughts of looming deadlines banished, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Tomorrow morning I will be leaping on the Eurostar to join a bunch of my favourite journos and international mega bloggers Cara McLeary of A Fashion Love Affair and Kim Pesch of Eat Sleep Wear to attend the show, drink lots of champagne and generally prance around the town wearing lovely clothes. Infinitely more fun than the library! I will of course be tweeting and Instagramming from the show as well as following it all up with a big, juicy blog post but for now I’d highly recommend checking out the H&M Pinterest. Over the past couple of weeks they’ve been adding design sketched and sneak peeks of the new collection which looks absolutely splendid.

Au Revoir mes amies!

Love Ella. X

2 Thoughts on Off To Paris With H&M Studio

  1. Lola says:

    sounds amazing, and i’ve been in complete envy since i saw the pic of hotel on instagram, that is reason alone to ditch the books. cant wait to hear all about your fabulous trip!! XX

  2. Naaj Rona says:

    That is good to hear that atleast you are getting the chance to go to Paris for Fashion Week having missed NYFW.

    Loved how you styled the HM window and the mannequins inside. Have an awesome time Ella xx

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