Look Du Jour: Over The Knee

look du jour, luxe up, over the knee boots, la petite anglaise, ella catliff

What: Whistles shearling jacket, Kate Moss x Equipment shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren skirt, Russell & Bromley over the knee boots, Aspinal bag

Where: Shopping & drinks in South Kensington

Prepare to see a LOT of these babies on the blog for the foreseeable future! They are literally my pride and joy right now. I’ve been hankering after a standout pair of over the knee boots for absolute years and footwear doesn’t get much more impactful than thigh high cherry red suede, am I right?

It’s amazing how putting on a certain outfit can instantly transform your mood and boost your confidence. The morning we took this shots I was knackered, fluey and a bit down on myself. That is, until I put on this outfit. Within a matter of minutes I went from dishevelled, glum mess to strutting around swinging my tassels and feeling sassier than Mariah Carey, J-Lo and Tyra Banks put together… Damn those references make me seem old… Moving swiftly on. Given that the Russell & Bromley boots are luxe af, it was only fitting to pair them with shearing, silk and leather (oh my!) to prance around South Kensington. At the risk of sounding like a total tool, I was seriously feeling myself that afternoon, especially after a Sancerre or three.

This Polo Ralph Lauren skirt is a piece I’ll never, ever get tired of wearing. I’m not going to lie to you, leather tassels can be something of a hazard and I’ve got them trapped in more doors than my self respect can handle thinking about. But goddamn are those moments of embarrassment and/or panic a small price to pay for the satisfaction and personal enjoyment their noisy, dramatic swishing brings. The gorgeous merlot hued Aspinal bag is a recent acquisition and literally the perfect size. I have no idea how or why I used to lug overstuffed, oversized handbags around all the time. My back/neck/shoulders never quite recovered!

ella catliff, la petite anglaise, luxe up, over the knee boots

I don’t think there’s much more I can say about this outfit without just reaffirming my love for every single element of it over and over again! I might be more than a little biased though… What do you think of the look?

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn