NYFW SS15: Day 4


I wore blouse, skirt, sunglasses, bag and shoes all by Tommy Hilfiger 
The Urban Spotter

On NYFW SS15 day 4 I finally managed to do what I’d been planning to all week; wake up at 5.30am, work out and then get a morning’s work done on London time. Suffice to say, I was insufferably pleased with myself as I picked up an iced latte and boarded the subway (no extravagant hangover induced taxi taking for me!) to shows. Up first was Tommy Hilfiger. As you know, I love me some All American prep and Tommy seriously knows how to put on a show. During my dressing appointment the previous afternoon I’d been informed that this season he’d be pushing the boat out (more so than last September’s indoor sand dunes?) so I couldn’t wait to see what he had in store. I was also, for the first time ever, wearing flats to fashion week. I thought this day would never come but the stompy, clompy, ponyhair confections from Tommy’s AW15 catwalk won me over…

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LPA Styles It: Ted Baker AW14

Ted Baker

Right guys, I know it’s been a while so I’m exceedingly happy to share the latest edition of LPA Styles It with you! As you can probably tell from recent posts, the past couple of weeks have been mental. With the new site launching, planning for four fashion weeks, going to New York and all these different, wonderful collaborations I haven’t slept as much as would probably be sensible and am woefully behind on The Good Wife. But of course, it’s totally worth it. You’ve probably already realised this but I ended up shooting with Ted Baker while I was in New York due to my schedule being so crazy. This was slightly stressful, especially since I foolishly thought doing it 3 hours before leaving for the airport (having not packed) would be a great idea but I’m really glad it worked out that way. 5th Avenue provided a great urban backdrop and I could definitely imagine wearing these looks in NYC…


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De Beers #naturalbrilliance

De Beers

As the old adage goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And few do diamonds like De Beers. For over a century the company’s stones have been used by master jewellers all over the world. Their creations would go out into the world with no attribution to their source - something I find rather fascinating – until finally in 2001 De Beers Diamond Jewellers was launched. Since then De Beers diamonds have, under their own name at last, adorned the necks, wrists and ears of everyone from Lana Del Rey to Adele, graced countless magazine spreads and no doubt made a lot of loved ones very happy on birthdays or anniversaries. But as fabulous as diamonds undoubtedly are, they do often carry strong connotations of red carpet glamour, black tie dress codes and even flashiness. That’s why I think De Beers latest campaign, #naturalbrilliance is highly interesting, very apt for now and am delighted to be working with them on it.

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