Fancy a Night at Galeries Lafayette?

Galeries Lafayette

Happy though I am to be sharing the details of this insanely awesome competition with you guys, that happiness is mixed with extreme jealousy bordering on actual rage. And no, my mind hasn’t been melted by spending too long staring at a computer screen or obsessing over hemlines and handbags. I’m just really, really annoyed that I can’t enter myself. Galeries Lafayette is easily one of my favourite places on the planet…

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Frankfurt with Mulberry

Mulberry Frankfurt

I hope you guys liked the shoot I did in Frankfurt with Mulberry! We had so much fun, even if I did get a little chilly and cause one hell of a commotion in the Christmas Market. Full disclosure: I did really quite enjoy the attention, until I nearly fell off the horse I was clinging onto for dear life while trying not to flash my pants and realised quite how mortifying, not to mention potentially painful, it would be to take an undignified tumble in front of all those people. But of course that’s not all the went down in Frankfurt so now is the time to tell you a little more about the rest…


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YSL Beauty Wildly Gold Christmas Palette

YSL Beauty Wildly Gold Christmas

Anyone else in a state of total terror that there are less than two weeks until Christmas? I haven’t bought a present for anyone (unless you count the Topshop party ensemble I treated myself to the other week) and with no free days or nights in the iCal until then I’m panicking a bit. But this panic is not enough to distract from channeling some serious energy into honing my party makeup, hell no! Getting a little more experimental with my beauty looks of late has reminded me of something I realised as a teenager, with results glittery and gaudy enough to make Cher reach for the face wipes. Namely that makeup is FUN! This look for instance, worked perfectly to add an edge to my Maje day to night look and instantly transformed me, at least in my mind, from eye-bagged, post flight knackered to party ready vamp and put me in a thoroughly joyous mood. Whether you’re a makeup master (in which case you probably want to click away before my ineptitude makes you scream at the screen) or more of a “slap it on and hope for the best” type, the whole thing can be thoroughly enjoyable. With party season in full swing and set to power through to 2015 I thought that now would be the perfect moment to have a go at a smouldering soiree look. And what could be better for this than YSL Beauty’s Wildly Gold Christmas palette!?

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