Mulberry SS13 Teaser Video

As if we weren’t excited enough for the Mulberry show already, they’ve gone an released this tantalising teaser video… Damn you Emma Hill, my bank balance will never be safe!

You can also watch the show live at 10am GMT on Tuesday at I don’t know about you, but this is one of the ones I’m most excited about, not least for the ever-stellar FROW.

Love Ella. X

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New York Fashion Week SS13: Day 5

Day 5 was hands down the most stressful of New York Fashion Week. I mean, so stressful I cried. Why? I hear you ask. Did I get turned away from a major show? Spurned by a bitchy blogger or evil editor? Fall over in my ridiculously vertiginous heels? I’m embarrassed to say, the cause of my Monday morning mayhem was none of the above. This season I stayed with a friend on the lower East side and she very kindly made me my own key. Even more kindly, she made me another key when I lost the first one. You would have thought I’d be a bit more careful after that but no, I lost key number two… Whilst on a Starbucks trip in my pyjamas less than two hours before the Phillip Lim show. As you can probably imagine, I lost it. Somehow I managed to get my sh*t together enough to flag a cab uptown and beg a key from my friends poor flatmate who was, rather unfortunately, in the middle of a meeting. I no doubt looked mildly mad careering around the Big Apple in my floral Gap pj’s but no way in HELL was I missing out on the chance to see my beloved Phillip Lim’s latest collection on the runway!

New York Fashion Week

I wore…
Blouse: Boutique by Jaeger
Skirt & Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Anya Hindmarch
Socks: Falke
Ring: Swarovski

Thanks to grim determination and several very patient taxi drivers, I made to 3.1 Phillip Lim in time to spend the rudimentary half hour show delay checking out the FROW. And what a front row it was! The international fashion elite had turned out in force, think Giovanna Battaglia, Hamish Bowles, Suzy Menkes, Bryan Boy and Dree Hemingway to name but a few. I think it’s safe to say that 3.1 Phillip Lim is one of the hottest labels around right now and he certainly lived up to his Wunderkind status that afternoon.
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New York Fashion Week SS13: Day 4

Despite all intentions to hit the big city on Saturday night I found myself struggling to stay awake in the cab home (officially NEVER attempting the subway again after the Brooklyn debacle) and decided to do the sensible thing for once in my life and head straight to bed. My mid fashion week respite continued on the next day with no shows until 3pm!

New York Fashion Week

I wore…
Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes & Belt: Topshop
Bag: Anya Hindmarch
Necklace: Anne Bowes Jewellery 

After spending a perfect Sunday morning exploring downtown Manhattan I headed back to the mayhem of Lincoln Centre. Any Londoner who’s ever gone anywhere near Somerset House during fashion week will have experienced the hoards of photographers, editors, stylist, bloggers, models and other sartorially inclined folk who descend on the capital for the shows. Well, Lincoln Centre during fashion week is like that… Times about fifty. After trying, and failing, to summon up the strength to battle the crowds in order to make the Custo Barcelona show I decided to hit Starbucks to replenish my caffeine levels, use their WiFi and generally prep myself for a show I was extremely excited about, Diane Von Furstenberg.

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New York Fashion Week SS13: Day 3

The pace picked up seriously quickly in NYC and after over of ten hours of shows on day 2 my head was spinning and my feet aching. Somehow I managed to rustle up the energy to attend the Jason Wu after show party at the insanely glamorous top floor bar of the standard hotel which, as you can imagine, was pure fashion fabulousness. There was champagne (and basically every other drink known to man) on tap and the likes of Karlie Kloss on the dance floor. The next morning I did feel a little, ahem, ‘fatigued’ but lying in a darkened room watching Gossip Girl reruns certainly wasn’t an option.

New York Fashion Week

I wore…
Shorts & Blouse: Hoss Intropia
Bag: Jaeger London
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (yes, again)
Image by Sophia Tragash

First on the agenda was Lacoste uptown at Lincoln Centre. Given my penchant for all things preppy, I’ve always been a fan of Lacoste. In fact, it was here in this very city that I bought my first crocodile logo polo, aged fourteen. Under the expert direction of Felipe Oliviera Baptise the legendary sportswear brand has left the country club and entered the fashion fore, as proved by their latest show.
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Introducing Snap Fashion

Another quick fashion week sidebar coming up… This has been a pretty great month for digital devotees like myself. First off, we had Vogue launching their new and improved website. Next comes Snap Fashion, an app designed to eliminate wardrobe dilemmas. Ok, so it won’t make us immune to the possibility of making future fashion faux pas (I wish) but it will make finding the sartorial gems we covet that bit easier. How many times have you spied a pap shot of a celeb wearing something so lovely you want it for yourself? Often, fash mags will ientify said garment, providing us with designer, price and stockist details but, equally often, the astronomical cost of said sartorial gem puts it ever-so-slightly out of your reach. And what about the model in a random ad who’s so-chic-it-hurts sweater you’d do anything to own? Nowhere on that Virgin Atlantic poster you spotted in the tube station does it tell you where you can find said item. This, my friends, is where Snap Fashion comes is.

Snap Fashion

Snap Fashion is a sartorial search engine that uses images to search for matches, saving time, money, and eliminating the frustration of having to trawl for hours, days, even, shopping online. The process is a simple one: take out phone, launch the free Snap Fashion application, select the product type that you want to search, and then snap it. The item is then searched for on Snap Fashion’s extensive list of affiliates via cut, colour, and style, and the results are delivered straight back to you in tabs, and within seconds. Users can browse all, save favourites to buy later, or click through directly to the retailer’s website to buy it that very second!

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