5 Minutes With… Forward PR Founder, Courtney Blackman

As you’ve probably noticed, when I post interviews with fashion industry insiders I always try to squeeze the person in question’s job title into the heading. Well, this proved a bit tricky in the case of Courtney Blackman. You see Courtney isn’t ‘just’ the Founder and Managing Director of Forward PR, one of the capital’s leading agencies. She also runs The Industry London, a hugely successful fashion professionals members group Courtney co-founded in 2006. Add to that appearences NBC’s Today Show as a fashion commentator, roles on numerous fashion juries and talks on social media and you’ve got yourself one seriously impressive lady!

Courtney Blackman

I grilled Courtney on her incredible career so far and how the hell she manages it all…

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LPA Styles It: Matches

It’s been a while since my last LPA Styles It post and with AW12 well and truly upon us I thought it was high time to do another one. Now I’m always partial to spending a morning trying on lovely clothes but I was extra excited on this occasion because of the store in question. If, for some unknown and evil reason, I was forced to choose just one place to shop at for the rest of my life (and money was no object) I’d pick Matches every time. Their buyers somehow seem to read my mind, selecting the cream of the crop from my favourite brands’ collections each season. Add three beautiful boutiques and an online store to rival Net-a-Porter into the mix and the results are pretty sublime. Unsurprisingly I had an absolute ball doing this shoot and a tough time choosing just five looks to feature. Somehow I managed to narrow it down to these exquisite ensembles… Enjoy!

Urban Cowgirl


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Diana Vreeland, ‘The Eye Has to Travel’

Diana Vreeland The Eye Has to Travel
I don’t know about you but personally, the idea of spending £15 to go and see a “documentary” at the cinema doesn’t generally appeal. Call me a philestine if you will but I can’t help but feel that money could be better spent on sushi, a few days worth of Starbucks lattes or a couple of glasses of crisp Pinot Grigio. Except, that is, if the subject of said documentary is fashion. I remember going to see ‘The September Issue’ with my father when it first came out a couple of years ago. He hoped it would make me realise that fashion was a brutal business and not an industry I wanted to be a part of. Of course, watching Anna Winour masterfully preparing the year’s most important edition of American Vogue had the opposite effect entirely. Last week I went to see ‘Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has to Travel’ and I’m thinking of forcing my father to watch it himself. As much as I adored every second of ‘The September Issue’, I can see how someone might feel it highlighted the insanity, frustrations and hierachy of the fashion world, as much as celebrating its’ beauty. But after watching the tale of Diana Vreeland’s incredible career I can’t imagine how anyone could find ‘The Eye Has to Travel’ anything other than inspiring.

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Noisettes Perform at PPQ Designer Percy Parker’s Birthday Bash

PPQ Noisettes

While we’re on the subject of evening antics, I also attended another rather fab event this week. On Thursday evening Percy Parker, one half of the dynamic duo behind London fashion brand, PPQ held his birthday bash at newly launched Mayfair nightspot, Baroque. Since the doors of this swanky new venue opened just a few weeks ago, it’s played host to an array of hotter-than-hot music acts including Mark Ronson, James Blake and Delilah. On this occasion we were treated to a performance from one of my favourite bands, The Noisettes. Besides having an AMAZING voice, lead singer Shingai Soniwa has also proved herself to be something of a style icon. After seeing her on stage sporting an incredible scarlet number (by PPQ of course) while delivering a breaktaking rendition of the band’s hit single “Don’t Upset the Rythm”, I think it’s safe to say I came away with a pretty sizeable girl crush.

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Mulberry hosts Tim Walker “Storyteller” Private View


As anyone who follows me on twitter, instagram or Facebook will probably know and be thoroughly sick of hearing about, on Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the private view of Tim Walker’s “Storyteller” exhibition. Now I’ve been to a fair few parties in my time but this particular event was easily one of the most fabulous I have ever attended. Of course given that it was hosted by Mulberry and the venue was Somerset House I rather suspected it would be.

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