Introducing Anne Bowes Jewellery


Anne Bowes Jewellery

At press days, parties and even *shock horror* the odd non fashion related event, I often get asked who makes my adorable charm necklaces. Well, as you may have deduced from my outfit posts and weekly wish lists, the answer is Anne Bowes Jewellery.

A former graphic designer and illustrator, Anne more recently decided to turn her hand to jewellery design, training in Hatton Garden and selling her creations at fairs and to friends and family before officially launching her eponymous brand earlier this year. Every exquisite piece is handmade by the designer in her Sussex studio from a selection of contemporary and vintage pieces sourced all over the world. Many of the charms she uses date back to the Victorian times and earlier and┬ábut by combining antique finds with modern elements, Anne Bowes Jewellery offers up timeless elegance with 21st century twist. The majority of her pieces are also one-of-a-kind, music to the ears of anyone who’s suffered the embarassment of finding themselves sporting the same bling as half of Bond Street! Check out these stunners from her current collection…

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LPA Picks Mulberry Brilliant Britain Winner!

Mulberry Brilliant Britain

A couple of weeks ago I brought you all the juicy details from the Mulberry Brilliant Britain launch. It was a fabulous event held in the accessories department of Harrods but besides scoffing gourmet English breakfast treats, mingling and handbag ogling, my fellow invitees and I were also treated to an in-depth introduction to the project itself. I won’t repeat the rather lengthy post I wrote about it last time again but for those who missed it, Brilliant Britain is basically a celebration of the people, places, traditions and idiosyncrasies that make this damp little island so wonderful. Most importantly, the project isn’t really about Mulberry, it’s about us Brits and why we think our country’s great. So in order to hand the reigns they created “You Brilliant Britain” – an area on the specially created website where you, I or anyone else could nominate whoever or whatever we personally feel makes Britain Brilliant. Of course, everything’s a lot more fun when you add a competitive element so Mulberry decided to offer 5 lucky winners a limited edition Union Jack Bayswater Bag filled with British treats.

As you know all too well, I’m an absolute Mulberry fanatic so I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to be their first guest judge and select the first lucky winner. Picking the best entry was no picking as┬áthere were SO many fantastic entries and to be honest, I think they all count as valid reasons for why Britain is so brilliant. After careful deliberation (read: procrastination, I was meant to be writing an essay) I decided on “the sense of humour in British Fashion” from scarf designer, Karen Mabon.

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Look Du Jour: Autumn Shades





What: Coat & Leather Collar Top: Whistles, Jumper: French Connection, Skirt: American Apparel, Boots: Massimo Dutti, Hat: Topshop & Bag: Anya Hindmarch.

Where: Press Days, Lectures & Parties in London.

Some days are like leisurely strolls in the park, others like high speed but thankfully short lived sprints. Certain days however, are marathons by the end of which you find yourself so sweaty and exhausted you can no longer summon up the energy for anything but trashy tv and sleep. Tuesday should have been one of those days but luckily every engagement was so fabulous that I was on too great a fashion high to feel tired!

Why so manic? Well, you see it’s press day season. A bi-annual period lasting 3 or 4 weeks during which every major brand and PR company under the sun showcases next season’s collections. While spending the day looking at gorgeous garments and scoffing free cakepops (cupcakes are so 2011) is certainly no cause for complaint, when you add lectures, evening events and trying to actually write the odd blog posts into the mix things do get a little bit hectic. Thankfully having spent most of last week in bed with a virus feeling extremely sorry for myself, I was ready and raring to go come tuesday morning. With a venti, skinny, extra hot, triple shot Starbucks latte in hand, I headed into town to ogle the latest fare from Anya Hindmarch, Nanette Lepore, Louise Gray and DKNY before hot footing it to Central Saint Martins’ Kings Cross campus (via itsu) for a lecture. After that I legged it home as fast as my ankle booted tootsies could carry me for an hour of frantic email answering, blogging and a half-hearted attempt to read through the following morning’s lecture notes. By this point my caffeine levels were starting to drop so I downed another latte en route back to King’s Cross to check out the much-anticipated Markus Lupfer for Whistles collaboration. Unsurprisingly, it was utterly divine but with two more events to go there was no time to linger. More details from the parties and press days will be coming your way soon but right now I’ve got another back-to-back day to contend with!

Love Ella. X

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BLK DNM teams up with Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris

A couple of weeks ago I promised myself that I would stop posting news-y type pieces on the premis that people would be unlikely to look here for hot-off-the-press fashion gossip rather than just heading straight to… Then I received the news of this fash-tastic collaboration between BLK DNM and Vogue Paris so, like my many other ill-fated resolutions before it, the vow went straight out of the window. But when one of the hottest brands around teams up with the ultimate fashion bible, wouldn’t it just be rude not to share?

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Kate Spade New York Resort 2013

Kate Spade New York

I find it hard to put into words quite how much I LOVE Kate Spade New York. I’m not going to claim that it pushes sartorial boundaries, takes huge risks each season or offers up any sort of groundbreakingly fashion forward aesthetic. But while I can appreciate and admire the innovative genious of more conceptual designers, it’s Kate Spade NY’s sugar sweet, uptown girl vibe that makes my heart skip a beat.

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