Vogue Paris Celebrates 1 Million Twitter Followers!

Vogue Paris

Admitting this is going to sounds really, really sad but reaching 1000 followers on twitter made me almost ridiculously happy. Reaching 1 million? Well, I’d probably have to throw a party. Or launch a specially created micro site thanking all my fans and detailing my digital history… After all, that’s what Vogue Paris did.

Vogue Paris is pretty much the pinnacle of chicness so it comes as no surprise that over a million people follow them on twitter. But creating a website in celebration of their many adoring fans and online journey? That I didn’t anticipate. Not that I think it’s all catfights and Devil Wears Prada over at Vogue’s French HQ, a certain now infamous video of Emmanuelle Alt lip synching Wham! put paid to that. I’d just assume that those terrifyingly stylish Parisienne’s would be far too busy working, fashion show attending and generally being fabulous to even notice how many followers @VogueParis had on twitter, let alone create a micro site about it! Luckily for us that’s exactly what they decided to do and, unsurprisingly, the site is nothing short of exquisite. Incorporating everything from supermodels and couture shows to street style and the magazine’s more notable followers, “story of 1 million” is playful, informative and most importantly, lovely to look at. But don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourself at http://en.storyof1million.vogue.fr

Love Ella. X

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Look Du Jour: Heart to Heart

heart to heart

heart to heart

heart to heart

What: Jumper & Bag: Jaeger, Skirt & Beret: American Apparel, Shirt: Whistles & Shoes: random boutique in Paris, have forgotton the name, sorry!

Where: Lectures, meetings and press days in London.

Everyone has certain outfits that are guaranteed to put them in a good mood. This is definitely one of mine. Obviously the ballet flats/high waisted mini/blouse combination is pretty much my failsafe fashion formula but for me, the match-matchy red accents on this  ensemble give it that something extra. Of course, I suspect this kind of super preppy colour co-ordinated accessory fest isn’t for eveyone, especially anyone who fancies themselves a bit of a hipster. But I’ve long since given up on trying to dress edgy, wearing what makes you happy is just so much simpler! You may remember this adorable heart detail jumper from London Fashion Week Day 5 this season. Jaeger very kindly lent it to me for the occasion but I loved it so much I went and bought it straight afterwards. I donned this

Ask any student at Central Saint Martins why they love it and I’ll bet one of the reasons is that you can wear whatever the hell you want and not encounter so much as a raised eyebrow. For some, this means boys in skirts, multi-coloured handmade creations, green hair and drop-crotch PVC trousers. For me, it means I can dress like Cher from Clueless without fear of being laughed at. For once, this really is my “look du jour” as I donned it this very morning for a lecture on early 21st century fashion followed by Roksanda Ilincic‘s SS13 press day (two words: totes amaze) and then finally coffee at Villandry Bakery with Claire Watts, founder of exquisite handbag label BoBelle London. Currently I’m at home feeling ever-so-slightly panicked about cramming in as much work as possible before I head over to Somerset House for Tim Walker “Storytellers” Private View this evening!

Love Ella. X

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Unexpected Trend: Varsity Jackets AW12

Varsity Jackets

After SS12′s fixation with all things sportif, the current fashion-world-wide varsity jacket obsession shouldn’t really have come as a surprise. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part as, not being the biggest fan of athletic chic, I was more than ready to wave it goodbye come August. But even if somewhere at the back of my mind was an inkling that track ready touches wouldn’t be disappearing anytime soon, much more shocking than the prevalence of varsity jackets for AW12 was the fact that, despite myself, I rather like them.

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AnOther Magazine teams up with Net-a-Porter

AnOther Magazine loves Net-a-Porter

So, AnOther Magazine has joined forces with Net-a-Porter… If that’s not a match made in fashion heaven then frankly, I don’t know what is! You may already be familiar with “AnOther Loves”, the magazine’s online emporium of must-have pieces handpicked by a network of industry insiders all over the world. Not so different from my own “LPA Loves” section… albeit on a much MUCH bigger scale.

Covetable clothes and awesome accessories beautifully displayed and accessible from your smartphone, sounds like AnOther Loves couldn’t get but better right? Well apparently, it could! Not content with the level of sartorial temptation they were offering, the cooler-than-cool fash mag launched a very special collaboration with Net-a-Porter. What to expect? Lots and lots and lots of oh-my-god-I-want-it-now inducing products including an exclusive McQueen clutch. The fashion team at AnOther (who really know there stuff) will be personally selecting their favourite pieces out of the endless array of designer delights stocked at Net-a-Porter to share with all of us. So lock up your wallets and disable your WiFi, this ingenious coming together of two modern style pioneers has the power to bankrupt. In the interest of getting the project off to a suitably fash-tastic start, AnOther Magazine Publisher Jefferson Hack treated Net-a-Porter Founder and newly elected Chairman of the British Fashion Council Natalie Massinet to his own version of the Proust Questionnaire… So flipping fabulous, you just couldn’t make it up!

Read the interview here and make sure to check out AnOther Loves Net-a-Porter… If you dare.

Love Ella. X

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5 Minutes With… Three Floor Fashion Co-Founder, Han Chong

I’m sure I probably don’t need to introduce you to Three Floor Fashion but just in case, I’ll start this post with a few choice words anyway. Three Floor are arguably one of the hottest brands to have launched during the past couple of years. Their fashion forward yet ultra wearable style have earnt them an army of style savvy fans, not to mention features in every major publication going, from British Vogue and The Evening Standard to Garage Magazine. Most significant perhaps is the fact that despite being a favourite among Editors, bloggers and stylish girls-about-town alike, Three Floor remains determinedly high street in price.

Three Floor Fashion

I caught up with Three Floor Fashion Co-Founder and Designer, Han Chong, to get the inside scoop on the one-of-a-kind brand that’s currently topping wish lists worldwide…

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