LPA Loves Tech-sessories

LPA Loves tech-sessories

There are no two ways about it, I’m a slave to apple. Not so long ago I was a committed – or so I thought – PC and blackberry user. Two years, five fashion weeks and four iPhones 4s’s later, I’m completely and utterly hooked. On the frequent occasions my iPhones get ‘stolen’ (read: left in a loo after one too many cocktails) I spend the 3 to 5 working days it takes to get a replacement wandering around like a lost puppy, unaccustomed to being unable to recieve emails every second of the day, or navigate my way from A to B without the option of following that handy little blue dot. Even when my iPhone and indeed, iPad are safe and sound in my handbag, I still struggle to be away from my laptop for more than a couple of hours. Ok, so maybe I’m an extreme (-ly sad) example but be honest, could you imagine life without a smartphone?! I can imagine the answer is a resounding ‘no’ or if not then frankly, I suspect you’re lying. This leads me to the point of this post: tech-sessories.

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5 Minutes With… Nanette Lepore

I always love grilling designers on their inspirations, aspirations and how they come up with the collections we all covet but I have to say, I was particulary excited about this particular interview. As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m a bit of a Nanette Lepore fanatic and her colourful, summery extravaganza was one of my favourite New York Fashion Week moments this season. I’m a firm believer in the idea that fashion should make you happy and Nanette’s deliciously flirty aesthetic never fails to bring a smile to my lips. On top of that, she’s also one hell of a businesswoman who’s weathered all manner of financial and sartorial storms to reach where she is.

Nanette lepore

I caught up with New York’s cocktail dress queen to talk first jobs, social media and saying goodbye to jeggings…

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Halloween Wish List

As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m an absolute sucker for a theme. From the original (15th century monarchs) to the not-so-original (tarts and vicars) few things make me happier than the chance to get dressed up, especially if said dress code necessitates a shopping spree. Unsurprisingly, I adore Halloween and every year end up spending a small fortune on ridiculous items that get worn once and either destroyed in the process or stuffed somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe straight afterwards, never again to see the light of day. Well this time around I’m determined to invest in an outfit that’s both spooky and chic, so here are a few Halloween themed pieces that might just outlast our post-party hangovers…


1) Whistles Clara Pintuck Dress, £165, click here to buy
2) Butter London ‘The Dark Night’ Nail Polish, £12, click here to buy
3) Gucci studded heel boots, £1040, click here to buy
4) Bottega Venetta woven satin & snake trim clutch, £990, click here to buy
5) Lanvin Tutti Frutti Swarovski crystal ring, £285, click here to buy
6) Alexander McQueen classic skull print scarf, £165, click here to buy
7) Miss Selfridge chain embellished collar, £22, click here to buy
8) Jimmy Choo + Rob Pruitt printed leather mules, £550, click here to buy
9) Balenciaga Le Slim suede & leather leggings, £1175, click here to buy
10)Temperley London Web embellished tulle top, £895, click here to buy

Happy Halloween!

Love Ella. X

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Swarovski x Stephen Webster Present ‘Skyfall’

Even if I live to one hundred and ten, I highly doubt I’ll ever tire of the novelty of changing seasons. Long before SS12 drew to a close, I was already packing away my pastels and psyching up for autumn. But this time around, my excitement was about more than just being OVER saccharine shades, fifty shades and going on drizzly picnics. As anyone who hasn’t spent the last few months living under a rock will be well aware, AW12 isn’t just about rich, burnished hues and jazzy knits. It’s also brough with it this years’ hottest cinematic release – the latest Bond film, Skyfall. Drama, Daniel Craig (preferably in Speedos) and mega girl crush Berence Marlohe, what could make this movie any better? Oh that’s right, fab jewellery. And jewellery certainly doesn’t come much fabber than Stephen Webster for Swarovski. The crystal connoisseurs have been working with James Bond for over 35 years but I’d go as far to say that this time, they’ve truly outdone themselves. Marrying Stephen Webster’s rock n’ roll cool with their effortless luxury has made for a breathtaking and, might I add, wearable collection. So when Swarovski offered me the chance to do an exclusive video interview with the designer it would have been plain stupid not to.

I don’t know about you but personally, I find few things more maddening than when someone tells you a piece of seriously hot gossip and then forces you to keep it a secret! It’s been over three months now since Swarovski invited me to interview Stephen on the condition that I tell-no-one-or-else and the urge to tell EVERYONE has been driving me crazy. Finally the cat’s out of the bag so with under 24 hours to go until Skyfall hits cinemas, here’s the long-awaited video. Please excuse my extreme twitchiness, I’d never interviewed anyone on film before and was really nervous!

The Swarovski Skyfall collection by Stephen Webster can be spotted worn by Berenice’s character Severing on the big screen and anyone who wants to channel their inner Bond girl by snapping the pieces up for themselves can do so in selected stores. Find out more at www.swarovski.com

Love Ella. X

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Behind-the-Scenes at Style Sequel

Style Sequel

Much as I’d love to be the kind of girl who picks up designer delights twice my own age at little known Parisian vintage boutiques or snaps up last season’s stunners at a knock-down price, trawling for hidden sartorial gems really isn’t my specialty. I like my shopping the same why I like my bedroom, wardrobe and pretty much everything else really; clean, labelled and organised. The idea of rummaging through boxes of dusty cast offs in the hope of stumbling upon a forgotten Chanel 2.5 or pre-loved pair of Louboutins brings me out in hives, but that doesn’t mean for one second I wouldn’t like to have them. So if, like me, you’re a high maintainance shopper minus the bottomless bank account then you’ll absolutely adore Style Sequel!

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