LPA x Thomas Sabo at LFW

Thomas Sabo Ella Catliff_06

Apologies for the repeated interruptions to regular fashion week programming mes amies, I have so many posts and projects and experiences I want to share with you RIGHT THIS SECOND that it’s playing absolute havoc with my “editorial calendar” and sending me into organisational meltdown. New York was, as always, amazing regardless of the bitter temperatures and Milan where I currently type this from my hotel has also be wonderful so far. But of course, London Fashion Week remains so close to my heart; it’s my hometown, full of friends and memories and such inspiring, innovative shows. I know I’m being uncharacteristically sappy right now but I suspect that might be due to lack of sleep and excess over excitement. I promise I’ll return to my normal, struggles-to-show-emotion English self once this glorious fashion month madness is over. Anyway enough rambles, I want to tell you about a really lovely collaboration I did with Thomas Sabo over LFW…


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Triumph Find The One Campaign

Triumph feature

As much as it pains me to admit it, I sincerely struggle to know when to shut up. Actually that’s not technically true. Usually I know full well when my lip should remain zipped but still can’t manage it. To be clear, I don’t mean thatย I go around blabbing my nearest and dearest’s deepest, darkest secrets all over town. No, my inability to keep schtum largely revolves around any piece of exciting news, gossip or project that is in one way or another embargoed but I really want to shout about. I did one such, super secret, project way back in November and not being able tell you about it has driven me damn near crazy. So, it’s with great pleasure and enormous relief that today I can share Triumph’s #FindTheOne campaign with you…

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LFW AW15 Day 3

Thomas Sabo Ella Catliff_07

I wore Maison Kitsune jacket & dress, French Connection striped tee, Mulberry shoes, House of Holland bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, Caravelle watch and Thomas Sabo jewellery
Image by Holly McGlynn

On to LFW AW15 day 3 we go! I really hope you enjoy reading these rather long daily accounts of my fashion week, or should I say month, as much as I enjoy living and writing about them. Please do let me know if you don’t! I’d hate to think I was unwittingly boring you all to tears. For now I’ll assume that’s not the case and continue merrily tapping away…


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