Unexpected Trend: Glam Goth AW12

Glam Goth

Ok, before you click away in disgust at my sheer idocy give me a second to explain the title of this post. I’m not saying that “glam goth” is, in itself, an unexpected trend for Autumn/Winter. We expect it from the likes of Givenchy, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Anne Demeulemeester. Frankly, it’s not exactly shocking on the catwalk at Gucci. The darkly opulent brocades, louche velvets and Morticia Adams ‘do’s offered up by Frida Gianni managed to have a hint of Halloween about them while still exuding the brand’s signature high fashion luxury. But oil slick black leather, stained lips and subversion from the likes of Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg and Mulberry (above)? Well I challenge anyone to claim that’s not a little surprising.

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London Fashion Week SS13: The Instagram Diaries

Well I couldn’t exactly do New York and not do London, could I!? Since I’ve been back a lot of people have asked my how different fashion week is in the two cities. It’s impossible to say exactly but I reckon that NYFW is more what you (or at least I) imagined fashion week to be like as a 14 year old dreaming of growing up to be Editor of Vogue. Glamourous and in-your-face with formidable black clad PRs, impossibly well-dressed women and flashing cameras every way you turn. It’s London Fashion Week, times ten. Let me put it this way, we had to show ID to enter the Alexander Wang venue, a demand us Brits would never dream of placing upon invitees. While New York did in some ways seem like the ultimate in fashion week fabulousness, returning home reminded me that London offers up its’ fare share of mega brands, international industry elite and sartorial spectacle too. Not to mention our stellar independent designer contingent (two words: Christopher Kane) which, quite frankly, is unsurpassed. But enough about that, here are a few of my favourite moments from this seasons shows, FROWS and of course, parties…

London Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week SS13: The Instagram Diaries

Ok, so I know it’s a little late in the day to be writing about New York Fashion Week and I quite understand if, after the sheer volume of posts, tweets, instagrams and facebook updates I’ve already devoted to my experiences in the Big Apple, you don’t want to hear anymore about it. But let’s face it, there are just a couple of Paris shows left to go until fashion month is officially O.V.E.R and if the weather we’ve had so far in London is anything to go by, it’s going to be a long, cold gloomy Winter. So why not relive the past four weeks’ fabulousness one last time? Plus, I suspect that there might still be some foolish people out there who aren’t on Instagram and therefore missed out on these snaps during my fashion week social media bonanza. Technophobe’s, this one’s for you…

New York Fashion Week SS13

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LPA Loves… Marni Winter Edition Collars



Just when I though my bank balance was safe THIS snippet of sartorial temptation arrived in my inbox! Actually that’s a lie. My bank balence is never safe. At least not when there are clothes to buy, Cosmopolitans to drink and a Starbucks on every corner. But I have to say, combining Marni and collars – two of my all time favourite things – the very same week my student loan arrived was a particularly devious trick. Then again, who needs to stock up on stationary or pay their phone bill when you could invest in one or two (or three) super cute embellished collars that could potentially liven up an infinite number of outfits? Now that’s what I call sensible spending.

The Marni Winter Edition 2012 collars collection can be snapped up in all Marni stores and online… So basically, there’s no resisting it!

Love Ella. X

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5 Minutes With… Fannie Schiavoni

If unconventional chic is your thing, then you must have heard of Fannie Schiavoni. Frankly even if, like me, you’re all about pink, sparkles and Peter Pan collars Fannie’s is still a name worth knowing. Since graduating from London College of Fashion just three years ago, the Swedish designer’s unique jewellery creations (think chain mail, harnesses and steel crop tops) have featured everywhere from i-D Magazine to Vogue Italia and earned her the coveted New Gen award for three consecutive seasons. With stockists everywhere from London to Los Angeles and high profile fans including Lady Gaga, I’d say the future looks pretty bright for Fannie Schiavoni.

Fannie Schiavoni

I caught up with Fannie just before London Fashion Week to get the lowdown on her career so far and plans for the future…

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