Athens with Juicy Couture

juicy couture

If there's one thing Instagram is really excellent for, it's over sharing your holiday snaps accompanied by endless annoying hashtags like #paradise #sorrynotsorry #poolside etc. While my trip to Athens with Juicy Couture last week wasn't a holiday per se, I definitely indulged in some pretty major Instabragging, sorry guys. It just really was a very fabulous day and a half with endless beautiful views and outfit changes so it seemed silly not to share them all... Or at least that's what I told myself as I posted my fifteenth photo of me lounging around wearing a fancy hat and oversized…


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Ralph Lauren at Abbey Road Studios

ralph lauren

An iconic American brand and the most legendary music studio in London, sounds like a recipe for a cracking party am I right!? When Ralph Lauren took over Abbey Road Studios for the night, a cracking one it most certainly was. Having unwillingly awoken at 3am UK time that morning to fly back from Athens (more on this coming soon!) a more sensible evening option would probably have been tucking myself up in bed with a cuppa than heading to North London for a fash bash. But then, I'm not particularly sensible by nature and for some reason still seem to…

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LPA x Motilo: Part II


As you cannot fail to have noticed from my many, many tweets and Facebook posts, last Thursday was my all day live Style Surgery for Motilo! A huge thank you to everyone who sent in their style dilemmas. Whether or not my solutions were remotely helpful, I had such fun concocting them. The project was another thing that made me feel very, very lucky - if slightly disbelieving - that having finally finished uni I'm now doing this blogging thing as an actual job. I mean seriously, what could be better than spending a day choosing outfits and then getting…

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