IDOL Magazine Hosts Issue Launch Party

IDOL Magazine

As you may have gathered by now, fashion parties on Friday nights are an extremely rare occurrence. Other than during fashion week – when weekends and weekdays cease to exist, merging into one, long, exhausting-yet-exhilerating blur of shows, champagne and impractical footwear – industry folk tend to host their celebrations on school nights, usually scuppering all my attempts to get any work done the next day. Well, IDOL Magazine are renowned for doing things a little differently so it’s should have come as no suprise that the independant fashion, music and lifestyle publication chose to celebrate the launch of their issue on the original party night. Given that I was moving house at the crack of dawn on Saturday, my plan was to pop in, say hello, maaaaaybe have one drink and then get myself home to bed. Suffice to say, all good intentions went straight out the window approximately 2 minutes after I arrived.
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Vogue Launches New Look Website


If you do one single thing today, make it checking out the Vogue website Not content with having been the award-winning digital fashion authority for nearly 17 years, the world’s foremost sartorial bible has decided to completely revamp their site.  The new site is apparently built in HTML5 and CSS3. For those who not fully versed in tech lingo (i.e me) that means it will look amazing on the small screens of tablet devices, on the largest of desktop monitors, and all sizes in between.

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Dune AW12 Campaign


So it seems that I’ve gone from saying that I wont be posting any AW12 ad campaigns to having a bit of a fest. What can I say, nothing gets me in the mood for a new fashion season than beautiful images showcasing the cream of the sartorial crop. Now much as I adore ogling Mario Testino’s snaps for Burberry and Tim Walker’s Mulberry delights, it can get a bit tiresome gazing upon these gorgeous garments all the while knowing they’ll most likely never be mine. Hence my delight when these AW12 shots from high street shoe brand, Dune popped up in my inbox… Femme fatal styling and fabulous footwear I might actually be able to buy!

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5 Minutes With… Penelope Chilvers

Penelope Chilvers

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of having a snoop around the West London studio of shoe designer, Penelope Chilvers (click here to find out more). Given my love for all things preppy, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Penelope’s signature velvet smoking slippers but having spent several extremely happy hours perusing her latest collection, I know that’s certainly not all she does beautifully! I caught up with the designer to get the inside scoop on her career so far and plans for the Penelop Chilvers brand in the future…

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Diane Von Furstenberg AW12 Campaign

Diane Von Furstenberg

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed super talented up-and-coming designer Negarin Sadr and one of my rather less original questions was ‘Who do you feel is truly iconic’. Negarin answered that her ‘icon’ would have to be Diane Von Furstenberg. Not because of her style, which anyone can see is pretty awe inspiring, but because of the incredible things she has achieved, and continues to achieve, throughout the course of her long, fashion career. Having heard the designer tell her life story at the Vogue Festival earlier this year, I’m inclined to agree. The tale of Diane Von Furstenberg is one of soaring highs and plummeting lows. She’s a woman who invented one of the most iconic garments of our time and made the cover of Newsweek when she was barely a few years older than me. Through her charity work and sheer chicness, the inimitable DVF continues to inspire to this day, as does her eponymous brand.

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