LPA Loves… Charlotte Taylor

Now you all know how partial I am to a vibrant print, especially if that vibrant print happens to be adorning something super girly, preferably involving a Peter Pan collar or bow. So imagine my glee when I stumbled across Charlotte Taylor, a designer who’s very ethos is built around a love of all things beautiful yet bold!?

Charlotte Taylor

Green Fish Blouse, £135, click here to buy.
Small Bonsai Skirt, £145, click here to buy.

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Chloe 60th Anniversary Exhibition


I don’t know about you but personally, I can pinpoint the exact moment, or rather series of moments, I fell in love with fashion. I was twelve years old and on holiday in Rome with my family where my father was producing the TV series ‘Fashion House’. In between visiting the aspiring designers on set (one of whom just-so-happened to be Gareth Pugh) I spent most of my days wandering awe-struck through the boutiques, much to the annoyance of the shop assistants who, understandably, weren’t overly thrilled to help a precocious pre-teen try on their high end collections. There were two dresses in particular that took my breath away, one of which was a stunning cornflower blue silk number by Chloé. The other was a fairly tarty corseted number by an Italian label and I’ll neither mention the brand or say anymore about it.

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lola&grace in London…


You may remember a post I did a few weeks back about crystal conoisseur Swarovski’s super cute little sister brand, lola&grace. This Summer the label have been making us all thoroughly jealous with tales, tips and snaps from their European road trip which have arrived thick and fast on our computer screens thanks to the wonders of Facebook and twitter.
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You Must Create AW12

Whenever I start to think I know the London fashion landscape like the back of my hand something inevitably comes along to prove me wrong. The latest label to show me the error of my ways is You Must Create. While I’ve always been aware of YMC’s existence, I foolishly didn’t think to take a closer look.

You Must Create

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Chanel Couture Fashion Film, Automn – Hiver 2012

Every little girl has a dream. For some it’s ponies (I fell into this catagory), for others it’s boys. But not-so-little girls have big dreams too. Dreams that include Chanel Couture. Ok, so maybe this is a teeny bit of a generalisation but I challenge anyone NOT to worship at the altar of Karl Lagerfeld after watching this mesmerizing Chanel fashion film by Director, Trevor Undi! Oh to be a millionaire and attend lots of fancy balls…

Love Ella. X

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