House of Holland x Magnum 25th Anniversary

House of Holland Magnum

Picking up where we left off in the tale of last Thursday evening, having been culture vultures at the Louis Vuitton Curated Shelf: Tania Kovats soirΓ©e, Nik, Tyler, Millie and I piled into his car and headed across town for a very different kind of event. In honour of their 25th anniversary, Magnum had enlisted the immaculately quiffed fellow behind one of my favourite labels, House of Holland to design a frock inspired by their ice cream. Me... again Naturally such a collab has to be celebrated with a great, big bash held somewhere fabulous. Said fabulous location on this…

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Ada Zanditon: 21st Century Couture

Ada Zanditon

If there is one thing I've done that I'll never regret it's starting La Petite Anglaise back in 2010. It's been a professional and personal roller coaster ride that's presented me with opportunities, challenges and, let's be honest, clothes I never dreamed of having. One of the most wonderful things about it has to be the people I've met and worked with, many of whom I now count among my closest friends. Ada Zanditon is certainly someone I've been incredibly lucky to get to know. An award winning fashion designer and illustrator who's not afraid to stick to her guns…

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Louis Vuitton Curated Shelf

Louis Vuitton

The relationship between art and fashion is a subject that never ceases to fascinate me. You've been the brunt of many a ramble about it, you poor things, but I'll keep this short and sweet I promise. Last Wednesday night was one of extreme contrasts. We finished our eve - or perhaps begun it, if you count the lengthy late night dinner and drinks at Soho House that seemed like a fantastic idea afterwards - with the launch of House of Holland's collaboration with Magnum Ice cream, a noisy, crowded, celeb tastic bash at Portman Place. The soirΓ©e with which…


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