3 Ways To Wear It: Breton Striped T-Shirt

3 Ways To Wear it, Breton Striped T-Shirt

Happy TuesdayΒ mes amies! To my UK and US readers, I hope you all having the most wonderful extended weekend. To everyone else, I give you an excellent excuse to indulge in a little internet fuelled procrastination on your second morning back at work. Namely, 3 Ways To Wear It, the Breton striped t-shirt edition…

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WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2015

WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2015 - Arrivals

I remember the first time I attended the WGSN Global Fashion Awards back in 2012 so well. It was the first major awards ceremony I’d attended and I was so, so excited. Not to mention nervous. Fast forward three years and to be honest, not a whole much has changed in terms of the excitement and anticipation levels I feel when I’m off to something like this. As for the nerves? If anything those have grown dramatically as this time around I actually had to get up on stage and present an award…


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