Look Du Jour: Twinkle Toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

twinkle toes

What: Markus Lupfer shoes (c/o), H&M skirt & socks, Whistles top & Angel Jackson bag (c/o)

Where: the library followed by dinner at Dean Street Townhouse

These beautiful, twinkle tastic shoes from Markus Lupfer have been languishing rather fabulously in my wardrobe for some time now. You know when you have something really, really great in your sartorial arsenal and you’re torn between wearing them ALL THE FREAKING TIME or saving them for a special occasion? I slightly had that with these shoes. I waited, and waited, for that perfect moment but then as soon as the weather was no longer torrentially hideous I decided it was time for them to see the world. Or rather, for the world to see them. After all, nothing screams “look at me” like a pair of sparkly shoes. Then I added a borderline indecent gold jacquard mini and colour popping, patchwork leather hexagon bag. Once the maximalist ball starts rolling, it’s pretty difficult not to end up looking like you’ve been assaulted by a giant tube of glitter glue. I think I managed to just about sidestep insane and end up somewhere south of eccentric with the addition of a simple, leather collar detail tee. Admittedly, the socks did cause a few lols on the tube.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

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Spring Style Rules

spring style rules

A couple of weeks ago Sunday Times Style dubbed me a “controversial blogger”. Obviously my first thought was: controversial, moi? Seriously?! I’m about as controversial as green juice pics on instagram. Then I realised they meant that I wasn’t wearing Carven to a Carven party, which I totes was but that’s not really the point of this post. The point is that I may in fact actually be about to blog something semi controversial because in this day and age, the idea of style rules seems completely ridiculous. Ordinarily I’m not a fan of them, my view is more throw it all together – prints, patterns, sparkles – with reckless aplomb and then add knee socks and novelty sunglasses for good measure. Prescribed good taste is a ridiculous notion and would make the world a very boring, and rather oppressive place. However, since the sun tentatively peeked it’s head out I’ve spotted a number of sartorial crimes so heinous I reckon a few guidelines wouldn’t hurt anyone. Plus, writing them was pretty fun.

1) Too short shorts: thank you topshop for ensuring that as soon as temperatures are no longer sub zero, buttocks will be flying free from London to Aberdeen. Arse cheeks are just not an appropriate city accessory. Vaguely acceptable when sported by a Brazilian Gisele alike on the beaches of Rio de Janiero. NEVER ok for a pasty teenager on the platform at East Croydon station. I spent years breaking this rule myself so I do speak from experience.

2) Ugg boots: in April, WTF on so many levels. Especially so when paired with too short shorts.

3) Swimwear as underwear: totally A-OK and deliciously liberating on holiday but if you’re more than 5 miles from the beach it’s just wrong. Same applies to board shorts, confusing on so many levels.

4) Clear bra straps: you’re not fooling anyone… On that subject I kind of feel boob tubes (note: differed to bandeau’s and bralets both of which are très on trend) should also be banned. Aside from anything else that might discourage clear bra strap wearing.

5) Flip flops in the city: This is especially the case on the underground/metro/subway. The dirt, the sweaty foot smells, the potential broken toes, the fact they might flip flop right off and trip up a fellow commuter… There are so many ways this can go horribly wrong! Strangely the same doesn’t apply to a fancy pair of sandals, weird that.

6) Extreme Outerwear: Ok, I admit, unless you hail from certain climatically blessed places it may still be bloody cold. But seriously, it’s April people! Therefore in fashion terms, Spring started two months ago. So pack those parkas away and invest in some pastel shades. Top tip: if you really can’t deal with the chill factor don’t stress get Uniqlo thermals and wear them under your biker jacket/floral shirt combos, you’ll be toasty and no one will know you’re secretly wearing a lycra onesie!

7) Unintentional open toes n’ tights: I’m using the term “tights” to mean socks here too, hope ya don’t mind. As you’ve probably spotted, this season the fash pack have taken to wearing sports socks with their peep toe stilettos. While I can’t entirely bring myself to do this (yet) I am planning on digging out the Juicy Couture knee high pink trimmed “sports” socks I bought aged around 14. I’ll wear them with some form of high heeled footwear for an attempted Prada-meets-Clueless vibe. This is ok, it’s deliberate. What’s not ok is trying to sneakily get away with a pair of nude tights under peep toes which gives the unsightly illusion of webbed toes.

8) Christmas jumpers: Wearing your ironic Rudolf knit beyond January (February at a push) is strictly verboten, even if you possess a banging beard and live on Hoxton Square. In fact, especially if that’s the case.

9) Preemptive semi nudity: I think this is very much a British thing. The sun comes out, we all get over excited. That’s understandable, it only happens about once a year. But while wearing Winter fare in April is a bit rubbish, forgetting the basic laws of common decency and getting your kit off will just traumatise your fellow man. I swear to God I saw a man on the tube with his shirt off the other day. You just don’t get over something like that.

10) Self doubt: Somewhat paradoxically, the final style commandment I’d like to impart is to wear what makes you feel good! Not a fan of logos or sports luxe? Don’t force yourself into high fash track pants and Wang inspired boxy tops. Outraged by Phoebe Philo swapping minimalism for painterly prints? Why not try Altuzarra esque shirting instead. Or just keep rocking the clean lines you snapped up at Zara last summer, if it suits you we won’t judge! Whatever anyone says, fashion is meant to be enjoyable after all. Self doubt is out so indulge in whatever sartorial treats leave you feeling most fabulous. Y’know, unless they’re any of the above.

What style crimes do YOU wish would be made illegal?

Love Ella x

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Introducing: Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers 2

Serrrrrrrriously hot shoe brand alert! Actually make that haute, Malone Souliers is less “it”, more eternal. After all, when would a purveyor of fine footwear crafted using age old artisanal techniques and offering a made to measure service (#dreams) NOT be something every sartorially obsessed individual wants? And if you think all that bespokeness and tradition sounds stuffy you can think again my friends. They may be concocted in collaboration with italian experts who’ve been creating beautiful shoes since they had to do so by candlelight but Malone Soulier’s creations fuse tradition with modernity in a way that feels entirely new.

Malone Souliers 1

Take their current mules. One of the must have styles for SS14 yet there is a sleek, timelessness to these babies which simultaneously harks back to days gone by and nods to the future. I was slightly dubious about whether I’d be rocking mules – how on earth do you keep them on? And after cocktails? – but regardless of potential to fall off, Malone Souliers elegant incarnation of the shape is too damn good not to. The brains behind the brand is also an intriguing one. Creative Director, Mary Alice Malone grew up in the depths of rural Pennsylvania riding horses and even earned herself a spot on the US Junior Olympic Showjumping team. Yep, had she not decided to switch paths we would have seen her competing in Blighty just two summer’s ago. Crazy, huh? But of course she did, swapping ponies for paint and enrolling at Art school in Colorado followed by a Cordwainers degree at London College of Fashion. Then Mary Alice joined forces with globetrotting brand consultant Roy Luwolt and Malone Souliers was born. From the tobacco suede and python skin lace ups to black nappa and tulle pointed toes, these heels are seriously luxe and unashamedly feminine. I’ve fallen hard and my wallet will no doubt be hurtin’ as a result once they’re available to buy this June.

Malone Souliers 3

It can be difficult to walk the fine line between ladylike and matronly, or seductive and Kardashian for that matter, when it comes to shoes. But Malone Souliers manage it. Regardless of whether you give a toss about quality or craftsmanship, this alone should be enough reason to love the brand as much as I do.

Love Ella. X

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House of Holland x Magnum 25th Anniversary

House of Holland Magnum

Picking up where we left off in the tale of last Thursday evening, having been culture vultures at the Louis Vuitton Curated Shelf: Tania Kovats soirée, Nik, Tyler, Millie and I piled into his car and headed across town for a very different kind of event. In honour of their 25th anniversary, Magnum had enlisted the immaculately quiffed fellow behind one of my favourite labels, House of Holland to design a frock inspired by their ice cream.

House of Holland Magnum

Me… again

Naturally such a collab has to be celebrated with a great, big bash held somewhere fabulous. Said fabulous location on this occasion was Home House, the grand Portman Square party palace famed for playing host to all things debauched. By the time we arrived the place was PACKED! It was the kind of ‘do where you run in to fifteen different people you know before you’ve so much as touched up your lipstick and checked your coat. I was happy to find Lilah Parsons, Tanya Burr, Henry Conway, Olivia Inge, Antonia O’Brian and the Wellers all in attendance. I was even happier to discover that wine and champagne were being served. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the gold-leaf topped, Magnum inspired chocolate Martinis were great but I’m always heavily dubious about booze than could double as a pudding. Plus I planned to hit the unlimited refill ice cream stand (genius!) in a pretty big way and didn’t want to end up waddling home.

House of Holland Magnum

Lilah Parsons

House of Holland Magnum

Tanya Burr

Henry Holland Magnum

Nat & Leah Weller

After mucho mincing it was time for the big reveal. Henry Holland took centre stage in a very dapper, chocolate hued stripy suit and presented his equally edible, hand embellished, sequinned frock. There have only been 25 of these bad boys made and they’ll be given away at various London locations over the summer so watch this space.

House of Holland Magnum
Henry & his Magnum inspired creations

House of Holland Magnum
Henry Holland & Gizzie Erskine

Henry & his Magnum frocks

(victims of an open bar?)

DJ for the night was foxy foodie (sorry) Gizzie Erskine whose beats swiftly got Stooshe, Misha B and half the cast of Made In Chelsea on the dancefloor… Not together, sadly.

Love Ella. X

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Ada Zanditon: 21st Century Couture

Ada Zanditon

If there is one thing I’ve done that I’ll never regret it’s starting La Petite Anglaise back in 2010. It’s been a professional and personal roller coaster ride that’s presented me with opportunities, challenges and, let’s be honest, clothes I never dreamed of having. One of the most wonderful things about it has to be the people I’ve met and worked with, many of whom I now count among my closest friends. Ada Zanditon is certainly someone I’ve been incredibly lucky to get to know. An award winning fashion designer and illustrator who’s not afraid to stick to her guns on ethical production, give the finger to fashion’s seasonal hegemony and pour her heart, soul and seemingly boundless creativity into haute couture creations, Zanditon is as inspiring a designer as she is a person. This year marks a major expansion for Ada’s brand which will see her really focusing on the sculptural, made-to-measure garments that have garnered a diverse global audience and, very excitingly, showing at London Fashion Week come September.

ada zanditon

I was truly honoured (and, not gonna lie, mildly shocked) when Ada cast me as her muse alongside the unbelievably gorgeous Eloise Chong and asked if I might be up for doing a shoot in one of her bespoke beauties. Well, I obviously didn’t need to be asked twice, would any sane person? So during the first rainy day of LFW last season I joined Ada, Alexis (working her styling magic) and Nik (taking behind the scenes photos, allegedly) at the fabulous ME London hotel to strike a few poses for super talented photographer, Fiona Garden. Needless to say, I’m over the moon with the results and nearly fainted when I saw my pic in the Women’s Wear Daily announcement.

ada zanditon couture

Congratulations Ada and thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!

Love Ella. X

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