NYFW AW15 Day 2


I wore: Shrimps coat, Bella Freud jumper, Banana Republic skirt, SENSO boots and Sophie Hulme tote with Via Clouds hat & pom pom
Image by Lord Ashbury

NYFW AW15 day 2 got off to an every-so-slightly unpleasant start thanks to my thinking it would be an absolutely awesome idea to go dancing at Up and Down after the SUNO after party. Some people never learn and clearly I am one of them! Luckily I did manage to haul myself out of bed in time to make the Lacoste show by the skin on my teeth and damn, am I glad I made it…

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NYFW AW15 Day 1

NYFW AW15 Ella Catliff

I wore: kate spade ny coat, dress & bag with Markus Lupfer beanie and Mulberry shoes.
Image by Sarah Jane Barnes

Having only done New York Fashion week in February once before, two years ago, I’d obviously erased the memory of quite how incredibly freezing the city is at this time of year. This probably explains why I decided I’d walk to my first show of the day. Starbucks in hand I trotted through Soho, feeling pretty bloody happy about life. Until, that is, I finished my extra hot (triple shot, non fat wet) latte, realised how cold I was and hailed the nearest taxi. One snail paced and rather expensive ride later I arrived at Centre 548 for the kate spade ny presentation…


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Polo Day

Ralph Lauren POLO

The first day of NYFW AW15 dawned, for me, pitch black and freezing. Thanks to some pretty epic jetlag I awoke at 4am and after realising that as London is 5 hours ahead I already had a million and one unread emails, decided that getting up would probably be the best way to handle the situation. Jury’s still out on whether that was a wholly foolish move. Four hours, several cups of coffee and god only knows how many frantically sent emails later I donned my head to toe Ralph Lauren Polo ensemble, laced by mega heel hiker boots and hit the road. Why was I all Polo-d up? Y’know, aside from the fact the label is delectable and could not be more “me” if Ralph had designed it with my wardrobe needs in mind. Well, I was in fact not kicking off the week with shows but with #RalphLaurenPolo day! And seriously, what better way to ease into a manic month than with 12 hours of cosy, fair isle clad deliciousness chez Ralph?

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