PFW SS15: Day 5

Ella Catliff Paris Fashion Week SS15

I wore Sandro skirt suit with Diesel shirt, Mulberry bag & Pretty Loafers flatforms
Image by Holly McGlynn

You know all my boring banging on about the glorious weather on PFW SS15 day 4? Well on day 5 I got my come up pants as I opened the curtains to be greeted by grey skies and drizzle. As a result, I opted against wearing my slinky but highly uncomfortable leather pencil skirt and the gorgeous but potentially damagable (and most likely worth more than I am) Ralph Lauren leopard haircalf biker jacket I had ready and prepped. Instead I decided to keep cosy in a super cute tartan two piece from Sandro and even added flats for extra comfort. Sadly not the awesome Stella McCartney flatforms, many of which I’d be seeing on her FROW, but faves nonetheless…


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Introducing: Wåven


Often in the case of my “introducing” posts I’m most likely not actually introducing the brand in question to you at all. Much as I’d love to think that my finger is so firmly on the fashion pulse that I’m constantly bringing you the next big thing before anyone else has so much as hear of it, that’s simply not true. On the whole, it’s me who has only just been introduced to whatever sartorial subject has piqued my interest while tons of other more fashion forward folk would consider it pretty old news. Well, this time I’m very happy to say that I might just be showing you something totally new. You see, Wåven (pronounced woh – vuhn) is a contemporary fashion label that has literally just launched this season! However I reckon that in a month or two’s time the chances of you not have having heard its name are slim to none…


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PFW SS15: Day 4

Ella Catliff PFW SS15

I wore Chloé blouse (click here to buy), skirt (click here to buy) & bag (click here to buy) with Isabel Marant shoes
Image by David Naynzi

Boring though it is to bang on about the weather, we were so so lucky with it for PFW SS15. Despite the fact that I know full well Paris has pretty much the exact same weather conditions as London (i.e totally unpredictable at all times and often rainy) I always assume it’s going to be gloriously sunny and warm there, and pack accordingly. This time my usually foolish assumption proved to be true and come day 4 I trotted out in the morning wearing now’t but a black flippy mini and the flimsiest Chloe blouse. I’d allowed extra time for my journey that day as show number one was Kenzo who, as you may remember, have a penchant for showing miles away from anywhere. People may moan but you can be damn sure everyone still goes. When I last attended the Kenzo show we were treated to an aquatic themed spectacle so I couldn’t wait to see what Humberto Leon and Carol Lim served up this time…


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