NYFW SS15: Day 2


I wore: Rebecca Taylor dress (available here) Sophie Hulme bag, Karen Walker glasses & Sophia Webster shoes
Image by The Urban Spotter

My second day of NYFW SS15 brought the kind of ungodly heat that made you feel like you were stepping into the belly of hell the second you left an air conditioned area. But just as rain, or rather blizzarding snow, doesn’t stop play during fashion week, neither does an inferno, plus the days line up included some really great shows…


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NYFW SS15: Day 1

Ella Catliff NYFW

I wore: kate spade ny with an Anne Bowes Jewellery necklace
Image by Lord Ashbury

As you cannot possibly have missed from the many, many over excited instagram posts I’ve churned out, since last Tuesday I have been in the Big Apple for NYFW SS15! I always go out as early as I possibly to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. This usually involves visiting multiple J.Crew and kate spade stores, wining and dining with my friends in the city, getting fairly stressed out by the time difference (nothing makesĀ a girl hyperventilate like waking up to a hundred urgent emails) and tiring myself out in the best possible way before shows even begin. After two very fun nights and one slightly frantic day in New York, on Friday morning it was time for me to don my first carefully concocted fashion week outfit and head to show number one. For some reason unknown even to myself I decided it would be a great idea to walk from Soho to the Meatpacking district. I do this every damn season. The sun is out, I’m too excited to spend any longer sitting at my laptop and I think it’ll be a lovely opportunity to soak up some of the city. In reality I arrived a sweaty mess and then discovered I was seated next to Leandra Medine who is possibly my biggest all time girl/life/wardrobe/career crush. Generally speaking I’m pretty ballsy about speaking to people but on this occasion my confidence gave out and I sat feeling uncomfortable and sticky trying to drum up the courage to introduce myself and eventually managed a hugely lame outfit complement and stammered “I love your site”. Urgh. Luckily it wasn’t too long before the show kicked off and I could be distracted from what a loser I was by a very impressive collection…


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LPA Fashion Week Survival Guide

fashion week

With the New York shows coming into their final leg, I think it’s safe to say that fashion week – or rather, fashion month – is well and truly upon us. I’ve been stateside since September 3rd and with London, Milan and Paris still to go, I got to thinking about how to survive the madness and avoid reaching October a shell of my former self. You see fashion week is inspiring, incredible and a whole lot of fun but it’s also seriously intense. Over the season’s I’ve completed so far I’ve learned that there are certain things you can do, and others to avoid doing, that will help you get through the month in one piece, enjoy the experience and achieve what you set out to…


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