3 Ways To Wear It: Tory Burch Co-ord

tory burch

Left: Tory Burch Nicole Jacket, REDUCED from £595 to £297.50, click here to buy. Right: Tory Burch Nicole Shorts, REDUCED from £255 to £127.50, click here to buy.

Ah co-ords, shaping up to be a perma trend and I couldn’t be happier about it. There are few things I enjoy more than matching stuff so the fact co-ords of all descriptions now seem to be available all the time, everywhere, every season makes me want to positively sing with joy; bad news for anyone in my immediate vicinity as my singing voice has been likened to the sound of a cat being castrated. Co-ords seem like a genius recipe for easy chicness, especially during the summer months when you can literally whack on a pineapple print crop top with its matching shorts/skort/skirt accompaniment, throw in sandals and sunglasses and be good to go. However, beyond this most obvious incarnation, co-ords can be tricksy little buggers. You’ve got the full look nailed, perfectly accessorised, you feel awesome. But then, how often can you wear that full lewk without people thinking it’s the only ensemble you own? Not many, and the evidence is all over Instagram so if you really could wear said co-ord that one alone you’d be getting very little bang for your buck. That, my friends, is why I’ve decided to devote the next few editions of 3 Ways To Wear It to styling them up. This is as much for my own benefit, if not more so, than anyone else’s. Judging from the massive wardrobe organisation session I spent most of last weekend thoroughly enjoying (once I’d regained neck mobility following the muscle spasm incident) acquiring as many varieties of co-ords as humanly possible seems to have been my main mission in life for the past year. So without further ado, let’s do this…

All Together Now…

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_001

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_003

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_004

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_002

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_005

Worn with: French Connection shirt (similar here), Alberta Ferretti bag (similar here & here) Tod’s Gommino loafers (real deal here, wallet friendlier alternative here)

You know when you have something so goddamn gorgeous you can barely bring yourself to wear it? This Tory Burch two piece was that for me. It was also rather too cold to whip it our for a while but when the sun finally made an appearance I thought to myself… THIS.IS.HAPPENING! First and foremost, the full shebang together. An embellished tweed shorts suit is programmed for prep so I went the whole hog with a buttoned up broderie shirt, classic Tod’s loafers and a pastel mini satchel. You could do something similar but a little less Gossip Girl-y with plimsolls and a plain white tee, but I wouldn’t advise it.

On The Top…

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_011

tory burch

tory burch

Ella Catliff 3 ways to wear it Holly McGlynn_012

tory burch kate spade

Worn with J.Crew t-shirt (similar herehere), Hudson jeans (available here, similar here), kate spade new york bag (similar here, here,& here), shoes (similar here, here & here) and sunglasses (similar here & here)

There really are few more failsafe-ly chic formulas than a trophy jacket and casual jeans. I have never met (or read an interview with) a French woman who doesn’t advocate such a look. Admittedly a Parisienne would never dream of pairing it with multiple stripes, bows on her toes and floral embellished sunglasses but we’ve long since established I don’t possess that particular kind of je ne sais quoi. “Casual jeans” sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but of course, it isn’t. What I mean is jeans that are actually, genuinely comfortable, not too tight, don’t involve vast quantities of embellishment or treatment (a little light distressing is no bad thing though) and come in a natural, lived in shade of blue. These beauties are by Hudson who make some of the finest and most comfortable skinnies around. If, understandably, you don’t want to splash quite so much cash on your denim them my high street recommendations can be found here, here, here and here.

For Your Derrière…

tory burch ella catliff

tory burch ella catliff

tory burch ella catliff

tory burch ella catliff

tory burch ella catliff

Worn with: Tory Burch top (similar here & here), Wilbur & Gussie clutch (similar here & here) and Sophia Webster shoes (similar here

As much as I adore a good frock, there’s something about city shorts for cocktail hour that always feels so right. The equivalent of an elegant evening trouser for warmer months, or for anyone who likes to get their legs out the second doing so won’t run a very real risk of frostbite. While these shorts are immaculately tailored and have a smart, pulled together tweed thing going on, I feel their lack of embellishment, brocade or other assorted sparkly stuff calls for something glam going on up top, party shoes and the kind of clutch that is really only suitable for use after dark (i.e when you don’t need to lug half your life around). I stuck to a pink-n-silvery palette here but gold or another form of bold tonal colour block would work just as well, especially if that colour is a rich blue hues. Cobalt is awesome and a nifty nod to AW14. This would work well with a simple blazer, or you don’t feel like mixing things up too much then just throw the matching co-ord jacket over the top as I did during London Collections Mens.

Having spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon playing dress up with my Tory Burch short suit, I can now think of SO many other ways to wear it! Follow my instagram for more variations and stay tuned for the next co-ord I’ll be styling up. I’ve also done a little search and here are my recommendations for similar co-ords… ASOS, Topshop, Carven and ASOS again.

Love Ella. X

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5 Minutes With: Angela Bell

angela bell queene and bell

As my extensive sweater collection will attest, I bloody love a good knit. Especially a knit that deviates from your classic monotone cashmere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but personally I’ll take a psychedelic camo intarsia pattern or graphic lightning motif over an understated shade any day of the week. At the same time, quirky stylistic nuances are all well and good but when it comes to cashmere, you want to know that there’s a level of quality and integrity behind its creation that will stand the test of time and honour to this fine fabrics heritage, not to mention justify splurging on something plush. Queene and Belle fulfils all of the above. Produced by artisan craftsmen in the world famous town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders and masterminded by women with knitwear in their blood, Queene and Belle concocts contemporary cashmere that combines peerless quality and playful, must-have-it-right-now design. I caught up with Founder, Angela Bell to talk inspirations, aspirations and the art of knitwear…

LPA: love the idea that with three generations of in the knitwear industry before you, cashmere was in your blood. Were there any moments of teenage rebellion when you wanted to do something dramatically different or did you always feel passionate about what you do now?

AB: There was never a time when I wanted to do something dramatically different. Since I was very young I always knew that I wanted to go to Art College, and my passion for what I do now certainly developed during High School when I started to make my own clothes and avidly poured over the latest fashion and music magazines. I loved The Face magazine which really inspired me, and if anything I would have loved to have gone into graphic design but the pull towards fashion in the end was too great!

LPA: Queene and Belle only uses cashmere from Todd & Duncan, the oldest cashmere spinners in the world. Why is this so important to you and to the brand? What are the advantages and disadvantages sourcing your staple fabric solely from the company?

AB: Todd and Duncan produce a consistently good product and offer an excellent stock service, they are based around 70 miles away in Kinross so the cashmere doesn’t have to travel far to be knitted! I think this is great in a world where products are travelling thousands of miles before reaching their final destination. I don’t see a downside to buying my main yarn from one supplier as long as the quality and service is excellent.

LPA: You launched Queene and Belle with the aim to create a label that moved cashmere away from its associations with traditionalism and conservatism. What were the biggest challenges you came up against trying to reinvent the fabric’s reputation and how did you overcome them?

AB: When I started Queene and Belle in 2000 lots of new labels and designers were appearing in the market. There was an air of excitement and a willingness from buyers to set aside budget for somebody or something new. It was really the perfect time to do something different, and Queene and Belle was accepted quickly as being quirky with an optimistic artistic approach. Scottish cashmere was traditionally seen as classic sweaters or twinset and pearls and I didn’t shun that heritage, I decided to embrace it’s fundamental classic roots and give them an injection of newness by updating silhouettes and incorporating modern quirky graphics and colour in the form of intarsia.

LPA: I absolutely adore the quirky and imaginative motifs that feature on your knitwear. How do you come up with the ideas for them each season? Are there certain sources of inspiration you return to or is do you always look to something new?

AB: The intarsia motifs I incorporate into the collection generally change each season although I have certain favourites I always explore further, such as North American Indians, their craft and culture. I have done buddhas, skulls, stars in every format, peace signs are a big favourite, imagery which has a certain spirituality really appeals to me. Recently the collection has developed a more ‘luxury street edge’ with the use of classic Americana graphics such as bold varsity numbers and wording. Their graphics work well on the cashmere sweatshirts they give them a fresh sports luxe feel, great with denim.

LPA: Today Queene and Bell is an internationally renowned brand worn by the likes of Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer and stocked all over the world. I can imagine it wasn’t all plain selling though, what difficulties did you come up against launching an independent business? And what advice would you give to someone trying to do so today?

AB: I think when starting a business you need to have good suppliers, people who believe in you and are willing to have patience and understanding – this is key. You also need to be very careful with money, make sure you keep enough in the business to pay suppliers on time as this solidifies the relationship, this in turn will help you get good on-time deliveries which in fashion is imperative. I have always kept good healthy relationships with my manufacturers, paying them on time and working through the problems. I never really had any major difficulties when launching Queene and Belle, only the stress that comes with money and getting paid for goods invoiced out. Some countries are worse than others and some customers are worse than others! and I quickly learned some hard costly lessons!

LPA: Talk me through a typical day in the Queene and Bell studio…

AB: A typical day at Queene and Belle starts with a short team meeting to go over what hand work needs to be done for production on that particular day. I will then drive to the mill in Hawick where my cashmere is produced, I normally go over any problems they may have, check samples and draw up new neck cuts for the sampling department. I am very hands on, this way I get exactly what I want and my pedantic approach can save a lot of time and money. The rest of my day will be spent replying to e-mails, updating social media, web and general business. When I am designing the new collection I am immersed for days surrounded with sample body shapes, fabric developments, graphics, books, magazines and non stop drawing. I never have any difficulty coming up with new ideas, the real difficulty is deciding what to go with and what to leave out!

LPA: Besides the gorgeous cashmere, Queene and Bell also incorporates cotton sundresses and other non knitwear pieces into its collections. When did you add these in and what prompted that decision? How greatly does the design and manufacturing process for these piece differ from that of the knitwear?

AB: I have been selling my cotton and silk dresses, shirts and blouses along side the cashmere for over ten years now. Initially when I started Queene and Belle I styled the collection with vintage cotton Victorian and Edwardian pieces I had collected over the years, and I used to hang them with the knitwear when selling the collection at exhibitions. All of my customers loved them, and Lucille Lewin from Whistles at that time suggested I make my own versions and gave me the name of an excellent manufacturer. I love vintage cotton and lace, the fine detailling and the light airy quality they have. I think the look works well with my cashmere, fine femininity combined with sport luxe is a look I love.

LPA: Which designers and brands do you love to wear? Aside from Queene and Belle of course…

AB: I love Golden Goose for sneakers, Japanese brands Zucca for trousers, Undercover for the t-shirts and accessories (love the dark humour) R-13 for denim, Toga Archive for dresses and I love my black on black Susannah Hunter oversize roses bag it goes everywhere with me.

LPA: What is your ultimate aim for the Queene and Belle brand?

AB: My ultimate aim for Queene and Belle is the same as my original aim….. to continue to make beautiful things for people who love special unique items and to always enjoy doing so!

Love Ella. X

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LPA x Matthew Williamson: Part II

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_001

And now for part 2 of my “weekend in the country” with Matthew Williamson! I seriously with this weekend had actually happened as the storyboard in my head told it – i.e arriving in florals that by some magical chance perfectly matched my surroundings and spending the evening prowling the grounds in a floor length gown before poolside shenanigans wearing hand embellished tulle. The second instalment of my mental tale of fabulousness involves an afternoon picnicking in a billowing floral gown before donning a feather trimmed minidress of shimmering, chainmail sequins that saw me through a long night of dancing on the lawn to champagne and wellies at dawn, finally finishing up the fantasy weekend looking miraculously fresh faced and ready to return to city life in hot pink tweed, small pooch in tow. Maybe one day I’ll be able to engineer this actually happening and invite you all to join me. But for now, enjoy…

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_003
Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_005
Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_004
Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_006
Wearing Snowdrop Printed Silk Chiffon Gown, available at MatthewWilliamson.com

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_007

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_009

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_010

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_011

Wearing Liquid Sequin Feather Trimmed Minidress. Available at MatthewWilliamson.com

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_027

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_030

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_032

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_026

Wearing Wool & Tweed Dress and Wool Coat with Fur Collar. Available at MatthewWilliamson.com

Now for the moment of truth… What do YOU think of the shoot? When a designer as talented as Matthew Williamson entrusts you with several suitcases full of his beautiful creations to do with pretty much whatever you please, there really is nothing you want more than to do them justice and I really hope we managed that. Big thanks to Matthew and his team for inviting me to collaborate with them (and running the risk of my ruining dresses that could double as works of art), my wonderful photographer Holly for schlepping down to Sussex, the ‘rents and of course, Towser the Norfolk terrier for his starring role… And the Great British weather for not being totally crap and messing everything up.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

Styling, Makeup & Art Direction by Ella Catliff

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Weekend in the Country with Matthew Williamson

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_019

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a far better weekend than I did. Having thrown my neck into spasm on Friday (and then tried to ignore it all day) I found myself in A&E at the crack of dawn come Saturday morning and spending the next 24 hours in a state of spaced out agony on a high dosage of muscle relaxants and painkillers. Least fun thing ever. On an infinitely less grim note, I am extremely excited – and a little nervous – to share the results of my recent collaboration with Matthew Williamson! As you all know so very well, I utterly adore everything Matthew designs. The colours, the prints, the light-as-air fabrics, painstaking details and general joie de vivre exuded from his every garment… I cannot get enough and have never failed to have a magical night every time I get lucky enough to wear one. What now seems like aeons ago, I sat down for a catch up with the MW team and we got to brainstorming about how we might work together beyond my ransacking their showroom at any given opportunity. This was back in March, by which point the fashion world is basically O-V-E-R all things summery so our conversation landed on Pre Fall ’14. Inspired by the idea of the Bright Young Things having a tea (slash cocktail) party in the woods, the collection is a beautiful, dreamlike mirage of painterly blooms, transeasonal tweeds, opulent prints and luscious hues. Think old world, debauchery ready glamour with tailored touches to bring things bang up to date. No one in their right minds would actually wear clothes that exquisite anywhere near woodland but in the hope of creating a story together (and with extreme caution) that’s what we did. Last month Holly and I headed to my parents’ house in Sussex, armed with the best part of Matthew Williamson’s Pre Fall collection and our fingers crossed that we weren’t going to wreck any of it.

The idea behind our shoot was, as you may have guessed, a weekend in the country. Namely, the kind of country house weekend that demands multiple outfit changes, each more elegant than the last, and the revelry continuing until everyone passes out in their party dresses only to wake up and continue the festivities the next day. Without further ado, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the results!

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_023

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_020

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_022

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_024

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_021

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_025

Wearing Rainbow Morris Embroidered T-Shirt with matching Skirt & Jacket. Available at MatthewWilliamson.com

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_033

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_037

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_038

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_034

Wearing Blue Trellis Crepe Gown. Available at MatthewWilliamson.com

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_013

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_017

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_015

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_012

Ella Catliff Matthew Williamson Holly McGlynn_018

Wearing Snowdrop Embroidery Evening Gown. Available at MatthewWilliamson.com

I won’t lie to you, getting this dress in the pool was a slightly stressful experience and we had to get my mum pretty heavily involved in order to achieve the whole “wet look hair” thing without just getting an actually sodden dress effect. I think it worked though, right? There’s also more of this to come as originally we intended to shoot three to four looks absolute maximum but we got a little carried away as the clothes were so divine and we were just having too much fun with the whole thing! The second instalment will be up tomorrow so make sure to check back again then.

Love Ella. X

Images by Holly McGlynn

Styling, Makeup & Art Direction by Ella Catliff

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LCM SS15 Party Diaries


And so we’ve  talked about the shows, the clothes, the tricksier trends and the pieces we’ll be borrowing from the boys come Spring. Now, my friends, the time has come to catch up on the LCM SS15 parties! As I gloated about mentioned earlier this week, this season I skipped out on the opening night parties in favour of an early night so by the time evening rolled around on day 1, I was more than ready to sink a few glasses of champagne and get my groove on. Sure enough, there was no shortage of potential party spots that evening but the one everyone wanted to be at was the DKNY x Esquire Magazine official opening bash held deep in the vaults under Somerset House. The event kicked off with DKNY’s SS15 menswear presentation, a suitably stylish array of urban summer staples that gave me extreme cravings for the Big Apple (less than 2 months until I’m there!).

Esquire & DKNY MEN Official Opening Night Party, London Collections: Men

No sooner had the final handsome chap exited the stage than it was flooded by beautifully dressed guests clutching the first of the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve cocktails they’d knock back that night and it was officially time to let our collective hair down. As you might recall from last season’s late night diaries, when Esquire Magazine throw a party they mean business. Add DKNY into the hosting mix and it’s not surprising that everyone who’s anyone and a million others besides where there, drunk and dancing their asses off.

LCM Jourdan dunn

Jourdan Dunn

LCM SS15 Jessie J

Jessie J & Wretch 32

LCM Nicholas Grimshaw

Nicholas Grimshaw

Esquire & DKNY MEN Official Opening Night Party, London Collections: Men

Mollie KIni

The place was packed fit to burst and you could move without bumping into Jordan Dunn, Jessie J, Lindsay Lohan or one of the other many, many famous folk in attendance. Having snuck out for a cheeky vino or three between the presentation and the party, Laura and I were definitely ready to hit the floor. Several hours of non stop, sweaty and possibly shameful shaking it later I severely regretted my decision to go for a run that morning (never again during fashion week) and tottered off in the direction of a taxi to give my aching limbs a breather before doing it all over again the next day.

If you read my LCM SS15 Day 2 diary – if not, I don’t blame you, it was ridiculously long – then you’ll know that the following evening brought something of an outfit calamity. I was suited and booted (read: wearing a short lace dress, badass gladiator sandals and red lipstick) and on my way to the Moschino show with the plan to head straight on to the Diesel Store Launch Cocktails with Nik and Alexis afterwards when disaster struck. With one 6 inch heel in my handbag, I hopped and wobbled my way through the show and then made a highly stressful, ridiculously expensive taxi dash home to grab different footwear before another equally manic journey to the centre of town. Why the rush I hear you ask? Well, because the Diesel ‘do was not the only thing on our evening agenda.

Diesel LCM 1

Left: Renzo Rosso & Sienna Miller. Right: Luke Evans & Me

LCM Diesel

Me & Renzo

LCM Diesel

Alistair Guy & Emmanuele D’Angelo

After a happy half hour in Diesel’s Conduit Suit boutique involving several glasses of stress-forgetting champagne and the honour of meeting the brand’s unbelievably charming founder, Renzo Rosso, it was time to hit party number two. Ordinarily, if a soirée at a nightclub starts at 9pm you probably wouldn’t think about getting there until a good hour or two later. But this was no ordinary fash bash, this was Moschino and i-D Magazine’s much anticipated “Out of this World” rager. Little else had been talked about all day and we had more than an inkling it was going to be mindblowingly busy. We weren’t wrong. By the time Nik, Alexis and I arrived at Café de Paris – I hadn’t been since sneaking in as a teenager, good times – the queue was already jostling half way around Leicester Square.

Nik Thakkar Alexis Knox

Nik & Alexis en route to the Moschino party


Channelling our inner tourists on Leicester Square

After skipping said queue we headed inside where the music was blaring, the free bar was being pillaged and the scent of imminent bad behaviour was tangible. Within what felt like about thirty second the venue went from nicely full to sardine levels of packed and to say it was “fun” would be a ridiculous understatement. This wasn’t your usual canapés and polite conversation kinda thing. This was more like the rowdiest club night you’ve ever been to but with, at risk of sounding like a total dick, infinitely better looking, better dressed people. We’re talking Li-Lo (allegedly) slamming tequila shots, Paloma Faith shimmying in sequins, lethally strong slush puppy style ice blended cocktails and ordinarily-respectable industry folk hitting the dancefloor like college students on Spring break in Cabo. Basically, it was pretty awesome.

Moschino Party - London Collections: Men SS15

Man of the hour, Jeremy Scott…

moschino ella

Me x 2 wearing a Three Floor dress, Hobbs clutch, Karen Millen boots & MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick

Moschino LCM 1

Left: Bip Ling. Right: Susie Lau

Moschino 3

Left: Daisy Lowe & Nick Grimshaw. Right: Amber Atherton

Moschino 2

Left: Pixir Lott & Paloma Faith. Right: Jack Guinness

I could have stayed and danced all night but I had one more port of call, Diesel’s Private Sinner & After Party at Chiltern Street Firehouse AKA the only place anyone seems to be hosting anything in London right now. I’d be lying if I said that the likelihood of their insanely incredible soft shell crab burgers being served didn’t factor into my decision but after the madness of Moschino, I rather fancied a more intimate affair to finish things off with. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The aforementioned crab burgers were on tap, as was some very fine wine, and I soon discovered that Luke Evans, Pixie Lott, Oliver Cheshire and a few others had bowed out of Café de Paris early for what turned out to be a civilised (well, ish), indulgent and end to a fabulous evening.


Wining down at Chiltern Street Firehouse…

Thankfully the last day of LCM SS15 was a late starter for me as, if I’m honest, I was starting to flag just a smidge by this point. But the weather was glorious, the shows stellar and by the time 6pm rolled around I found I was actually quite keen to head out on the town. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Obviously there was no shortage of options, there never are, but first and foremost it was time for something mildly more educational over in Hoxton Square. This season Stateside Menswear magazine, Details had teamed up with Mr Porter to host their inaugural “tech and tastemakers summit”. For anyone with an interest in online… Scrap that, anyone with any professional involvement in the fashion industry today, this was a major must attend. With speakers ranging from Lou Dalton and Christopher Raeburn to Google’s Matt Bush, Lyst CEO Chris Morton and Details’ Style Director, the lovely Eugene Tong, it was utterly fascinating. I wish I could attend all over again if I’m honest having had about seven hours more sleep and armed with a dictophone or at least, an iPhone with more than 3% battery.

details x Mr Porter

Left: Me. Right: Eugene Tong & Lou Dalton

DETAILS & MR PORTER.COM PresentTXT: Tech & Tastemakers Summit, London

Tech & Tastemakers summit in session…

GQ & Dunhill Party -  London Collections: Men SS15

Chloe Green & Harold Tillman at the Dunhill x GQ Style party

Mind whirring with all my newly acquired tech knowledge, I joined Andrew and Clym to head back to central London for the official LCM SS15 closing party hosted by GQ Magazine and Alfred Dunhill.Held inside the walled garden and exquisite townhouse that is Dunhill’s Mayfair boutique, this turned out to be one of the loveliest events I’ve attended in a while. Basically everyone I’d have hoped to be there was, as well the most stylish slebs doing the London rounds that week. The champagne was flowing, the outdoor area accommodated smoking-while-drinking-while-mingling (holy grail of party facilities) and all in all it was the perfect finale to three fantastic, fun and totally knackering days (and nights) of London Collections Men.

So that’s LCM SS15 over and out! Roll on the women’s shows in September…

Love Ella. X

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