Beauty: Pink Lady

pink lady, ella catliff, la petite anglaise, Lancome

This beauty post has been a while coming! In fact, I repeatedly promised it would be going up last week and repeatedly failed to write it. In my defence, things have been hectic as hell of late but that’s no excuse for being rubbish. As you may recall, in my latest Look Du Jour, Pink Lady, I was rocking some pretty rosy cheeks and a matching lip. I absolutely adore this wonderfully fresh, summer ready look and the delectable products I created it with so very much hope you do too…


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Ibiza with Diesel

Ibiza, Diesel, Bob Sinclar

There are some trips which can just about technically be considered “work” despite all evidence to the contrary. This, my friends, was not one of them. But am I complain? No I’m most certainly not! After all, how could anyone in their right mind even begin to complain about spending the bank holiday on a non-stop party bonanza in Ibiza with Diesel?

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June 2015

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