Dining with Thakoon, Partying with YSL

Thakoon London Dinner

Social media is a funny thing. When you meet up with a colleague, friend or family member who you haven’t seen in a while, it’s a pretty safe bet that you already know how they spent their holidays, their latest work news, recent sales buys and most likely what they ate for breakfast that morning. This isn’t exactly a revelation but it particularly dawned on me at a dinner last week as I sat next to Sunday Times Style Fash Features Editor, Pandora Sykes and found myself congratulating her on various achievements and cooing over her new kitten, all information gleaned from Instagram, before she’d so much as opened her mouth. This is on one level hugely efficient and means that if you have had a recent professional triumph, killer purchase or addition to the family you can bask in the interest and admiration of others without having to go through the thoroughly un-British process of telling them yourself. On the other hand, and as much as I love social media, it’s undeniably changing the way we interact with one another IRL and is, occasionally, rather creepy. Anyway, getting back to the point of this waffle, As I’m sure many of you guys spotted on my various social media platforms, last Tuesday I was lucky enough to spend a fair bit of the day and evening in the company of none other than Thakoon Panichgul…


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5 Minutes With: Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim

I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve got a bunch of really, really awesome interviews lined up and am thrilled to be kicking off with the one and only Eugenia Kim! You all know how much I adore a bit of eye catching head gear and this New York based milliner is the absolute master of this genre. Whether it’s her now iconic cat eared concoctions that you covet, a chic gingham beret or glitter suede headband, no one could fail to be charmed by Eugenia Kim’s creations. It was an absolute pleasure to discover more about her world and sartorial story, I hope you enjoy the interview…

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