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One of the many, many things I just adore about London is the fact that just walking down the street I always see about 10 people whose outfits I want to rip off their backs and claim as my own. Before going to Paris I also had some pretty high expectations as to the level of chicness I was going to witness in the French fashion capital. As always, I never left my petit apartment without my trusty camera, meaning I could capture the outfits of the most stylish Parisians I saw on my travels (and let me tell you, it’s pretty difficult explaining IN FRENCH to random people why exactly I wanted to photograph them) to share them with you.

Here are a selection of my favourites… How do you think Paris street style compares to us Londoners wardrobes?

Paris street style

Ok first I’d just like to point out that she appears to be wearing MY SANDALS! Oh yes, its all about the simple black leather glads this summer… But moving away from my smugness and back to this girls outfit, Comment chic! Vous ne pensez pas? It’s just laid back, effortless style at it’s best. The black jeans and sandals are perfect with the tee and faded denim shirt and the round sunglasses give it a quirky edge.

This is a great look, but it’s not totally unique. I could easily imagine (and have seen) numerous very similar outfits trotting down high street Ken, but there’s just something about this girl that makes her ensemble look so much cooler than those of her doppelgangers.

It could be her perfect semi-bed-head ‘do, the art portfolio she had under one arm or the fact she was so pretty. But I think it’s because she’s FRENCH. Yes that’s right I said it, the French just tend to be more stylish than us Brits. Generally speaking (but obviously there are exceptions) their sartorial advantage is not just down to their clothes. It’s that nonchalant/ever-so-slightly arrogant attitude which almost gives the impression that they are entitled to be chic simply because they are French. And to be honest, they’re probably right.

Paris Street Style

I really like how this girl has teamed her pretty floral playsuit with a tailored jacket and oversized, brown leather holdall. The sharp shape of the jacket and masculine feel of the accessories stop the whole outfit from being too girlish and whimsical, overall making her look stronger and more ‘city’. The glasses and plaits add a kind of school-girl feel and make this ensemble a fine example of geek chic at it’s very best! The playsuit and bag are both vintage finds… Why can’t I ever stumble across anything this lovely on the rare occasion I hit the thrift stores!?

Paris Street Style

Are those J Brand Houlihan combat’s I spy? Or is that just wishful/jealous thinking..? Either way, with her army green combat pants, layered tanks, leather gladiator sandals and Ray Ban wayfarers could this girl BE any more on-trend!? Here we have a prime example of someone whose outfit I’d gladly beg, steal or borrow… and she even looked about my size…

Paris Street Style

If this isn’t classic, Parisian style at it’s very chicest then I don’t know what is! When I asked her about her outfit, this fabulous woman informed me that her handbag, jewellery and sunglasses were all by Chanel… And the skirt? Oh just Yves Saint Laurent…

If I am this stylish in my later years (now isn’t that a beautifully phrased way of saying ‘old’!) then I think I’ll be more than satisfied with my lifetime achievements!

Paris Street Style

When I stopped this girl (after chasing her down Rue Quincampox for about 5 minutes) and gave her my spiel about wanting to photograph her outfit she replied “I’m so sorry, I don’t speak French”. I took this as her thinking I actually WAS French so naturally after that moment, I loved her.

I also LOVED her look! Once again, it just goes to show that the key to style is oh so often SIMPLICITY! Yes, some people manage to throw together about a million bits and pieces from vintage markets and look original and quirky and cool. However, 9 times out of 10, if you try this at home you just look a little mad. If in doubt you can rarely go wrong with good quality, well-cut pieces  – as this girl demonstrates perfectly with her fine white tee/brown leather accessories combo – and remember that there is a big, BIG difference between an outfit that is simple and stylish and an outfit that is simply dull.

For me, it was this girls gorgeous leather and canvas backpack that really completed her look. Practical and stylish… On-trend and useful… This bag is the stuff of dreams! I want one!

Paris street style

Paris street style

Breton stripes, check! High-waisted mini, check! Black leather accessories, check and check! Maybe my appreciation of this outfit has a little something to do with the fact that it bares an uncanny resemblance to many of my own signature looks, but you have to admit it’s a good’un. Every piece suits her figure and they work perfectly together to create a chic and distinctly français ensemble.

Paris Street Style

As you can see, I waylaid this poor woman on the metro at rush hour… possibly why she doesn’t look all together thrilled by the situation. But when I saw this jacket I knew I just HAD to get a photo of it. The hot pink colour gives the classic ‘Le Smoking’ style of the jacket a modern twist. Also, well done her for refraining from wearing any other bright pieces keeping the rest of her outfit very neutral. With this jacket, adding other colours would result in a tasteless disaster but her simple grey skinnies/black tee combo sets off its vibrant shade to perfection.

Paris Street Style

How lovely are these boots!!? Their studded, biker style contrast with the classic black jacket and flirty high-waist mini and the white tank breaks up all the dark colours nicely and makes her look EVEN more tanned (if that’s actually possible). Encore c’est simple et parfait!

Love Ella. X

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  1. Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

  2. Rocky says:

    Hello, I do adore your amazing site. That is a tremendous blog post. I really look forward to reading even more intsteering topics that youll be posting in the future. Ive discovered a great deal by this. Bless you. -Gregoria Beshaw

  3. […]   Parisians don’t always wear high high heels.  They wear ballet flats and pumps like there’s no tomorrow, so as to better maneuver the cobblestones.   Although there was a line outside Christina Louboutin the first day of the sale for his sky-high stilettos.Chic at every age, in hose and pumps.  The Chanel accessories don’t hurt, either.  via lapetiteanglaise […]

  4. I cant wait to visit paris!! love this post

  5. Kim says:

    What a seriously nice post!
    I've been to Paris recently as well, and to London a few months ago, so I think I can compare the two in terms of style fairly well even though I'm Dutch (: When I was walking around in Paris in my usual girly garb I couldn't help but feeling terribly overdressed compared to all the Parisiennes – they all look so effortlessly cool (literally, because the temperature was nearing 'tropical' when I was there) and chic. In London, it was the exact opposite – I felt completely insignificant and bland compared to all the awesome London kids with their unique style. So, Parisiennes are enviably chic and laid-back, whereas Londoners are as originally dressed as possible (and what else can you do, with such a HUGE Topshop around?). But in the end, I think I do actually like the London style more!

  6. rad post!

    ohh those shorts were my mums jeans in the 80's I cut everything I can! I love hot pants too =D

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