Parisian Parties


So my friends, we’ve finally reached the final of my SS14 fashion week tales. Between late night funfair rides on Governors Island and dinner with Daphne Guinness at Somerset House, it’s certainly been memorable and that’s not including the many, many wonderful shows in between! God knows how many people have asked me which was my favourite, New York, London or Paris, but as the cliche goes they were all wonderful in different ways. The final leg of my fashion week tour was not quite as wild as what went before. No doubt it could have got cray but I think I was just about partied out by that point! Of course I did manage to hit up a few and, as one would expect, they were fabulous.

I arrived in Paris to a balmy and beautiful night which naturally sent all plans of spending it unpacking flying straight out of the window. Instead I swapped my Breton striped tee – every time I go to Paris I feel compelled to wear one, the sartorial equivalent of writing “I am not French or cool” on my forehead – for a lace number, grabbed my new fave leopard accessories and headed out to the W Hotel. I’m still not 100% sure what this particular party was in aid of (does one need a reason to drink Sancerre somewhere swanky?) but from what I can deduce looking at the pictures, it was for a brand called Caravan Shop that looks kinda funky. Anyway, I joined forces with a few fellow Brit pals who were also in town and we all had a jolly good time ogling the endlessly gorgeous, achingly hip attendees before decamping to the KTZ After Party for a dance. This is perhaps the worst party write up of all time, sorry guys.


This gave me the vital clue that the brand in question might be “Caravan Shop”… Just call me Sherlock Holmes

Parisian Parties

Busy, busy, lots of pretty people…

Parisian PArties

C’est Moi!

After a fantastic first day of shows I hobbled back to my lovely Paris based amie Laura’s adorable apartment in Montmarte (she let me and my clothes quite literally take over the place, now that’s friendship) to remove my extremely painful shoes, throw on a pair of over the knee boots and head back out on the town. All good intentions about taking the Metro disappeared the second the first drops of rain started to fall and we leapt into a cab to the Each x Other soirée in Le Marais. I’ve waxed lyrical about Each x Other in several posts over the past year and their latest collection proved beyond any shadow of doubt that the Parisian label really is awesome. To briefly recap, Each x Other are a collaborative art and fashion brand who enlist the likes of Robert Montgomery and Danielle Innamorato to produce biker pieces that could hang in a gallery as easily as they could a downtown bar. Held in the Designers Apartment on Rue de Richelieu with the artists all in attendance, this was the kind of event that could have been terrifyingly hip but thankfully wasn’t. Happy to be out of the downpour with a glass of champagne in hand we perused the SS14 offerings, stopping every two seconds to fondle one of the low key luxe, multi hued biker jackets or stroking one of the artist’s adorable pug pup.

Parisian Parties

Inside the Each x Other soirée, check out that installation!

Parisian Parties

Me & Laura

Parisian Parties

Something about a pug, you’ve just gotta squeeze it’s little face…

Between the clothes, guests and super cute canine company I could have quite easily stuck around all night but as per usual we had places to be and people to see, plus by this point Laura and I were both absolutely starving. So it was back out into the night and on to party number two, stopping for a delectable dinner at Le Dépanneur en route.

Appetites sated after some of the tastiest American-Mexican fusion imaginable we headed to L’Aquarium de Paris for the Kenzo After Show Party. I don’t quite know how to convey my extreme over excitement at attending a party in an AQUARIUM!! All the poor buggers with me had to endure endless selfies with sharks and general giddiness which lasted all night and well into the next day. Actually scrap that, the memories continue to make me very happy several weeks on and strongly feel that more parties should be held in venues were many of the guests are exotic animals but anyway, I digress. Having heard that Kenzo party queues have a tendency to rival those at the Easy Jet check during the Summer Holidays, we arrived unfashionably early. Despite this, within five minutes of the doors opening the entire place was packed fit to burst with various obscenely cool fashion folk sipping Belvedere cocktails, Instagramming shots of the aquatic attendees and generally having a good time. Somewhere between totally fangirl-ing Leandra Medine (why must I be SUCH an embarrassment!?) and bumping into fellow Londoner Bip Ling I found myself in the VIP area admiring Harley Viera Newton’s insanely covetable sea shell clutch and talking Diesel Jogg Jeans with Atlanta de Cadenet, bit bizarre but I went with it. We drank, we danced, we drank and danced some more. A lot of fun was had by all and it was with great difficult I forced myself to leave in the wee hours while the party partied on.

Parisian Parties

Selfies with sharks, another trend kickstarted by Kenzo

Parisian Parties

Bryan Boy & Natalie Joos at the Kenzo After Show Party

KENZO SS14 Afterparty in Association with Nexus7

Bip Lin & Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor at the Kenzo Party

Parisian Parties

With Harley Viera Newton and the clutch to end all clutches… #jeltothenextlev

Parisian Parties

Me, Bip and a girl who’s name I don’t know but who’s bold bra bearing you’ve got to admire

It was lucky I did manage to exercise never before seen self control and leave the Kenzo bash at a vaguely reasonable hour because day two’s shows and presentations were unanimously fantastic. The evening was just as fab but a teensy tiny bit stressful as I found myself woefully late, with two parties to get to in under an hour and then walked the entire way around Place de Concorde twice before figuring out where the venue for the Giambattista Valli Book Launch actually was. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sans Google Maps I’m basically incapable of finding my way anywhere. Once I finally did manage to locate the Galerie National Du Jeu De Paume (try pronouncing THAT after a glass or three of Chablis!) it was worth the high heeled flog. The gallery had been bedecked in blown up images depicting the mood board to catwalk journey taken by Valli’s every creation and my fellow guests including Alber Elbaz, Miroslava Duma, Suzy Menkes and Bianca Brandolini D’Azza. Given the designer’s sheer skill it’s a true testament to those who worked with him on the book and accompanying exhibit that both managed to convey even a tenth of his creations breathtaking exquisiteness.

Parisian Parties

The book!


Giambattista Valli & Suzy Menkes

Parisian Parties

Miroslava Duma in her 1st outfit of the evening, possibly 9th or 10th of the day, girl’s got stamina!


Bianca Brandolini, Clothilde Courau & Eugenie Niarchos

After half an hour’s gaping open mouthed at everything, not to mention everyone, on display it was on to event number two to be wowed all over again. My second evening engagement was another cultural do’, namely the Roger Vivier Private View at Palais de Tokyo. Whenever I start to believe I’m a “bag girl” rather than a shoe-a-holic, once glance at this brands fancy footwork makes me think again. Be it the iconic comma heels of Monsieur Vivier himself, or Bruno Frisoni’s graphic Prismick designs, anything concocted by this chicer than chic maison leaves me weak at the knees and wishing for a heftier bank balance .

Parisian Parties

You’s truly at the Roger Vivier Private View… In retrospect going tights free was a fashion faux pas, oh well.

Parisian Parties

Inside the Roger Vivier exhibition at Palais de Tokyo

Bruno Frisoni et Ines de la Fressange

Bruno Frissoni & Inès de la Fressange

The exhibition, a celebration of five decades’ footwear excellence, is sublime. And the party to toast it’s launch? Well, let’s just say that if – heaven forbid – a bomb had gone off in Palais de Tokyo that night the fashion industry would be a very strange and distinctly non-fabulous place right about now. Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Caroline Issa, Giovanna Battaglia, Anna Dello Russo, Joe Zee, Robbie Myers, Mira Duma (who did indeed change outfits in between the two, serious commitment!) Elena Perminova and Mario Testino were all there as were, of course, Inès de la Fressange and Bruno Frisoni. We drank champagne while marvelling at shoes so stunning it almost hurt to look at them and people watching, what better way to pass an hour?

Parisian PArties

Inès de la Fressange and Mira Duma in outfit number 2 (see above) which do you prefer?

'Dans les Pas de Roger Vivier' Exhibition Launch - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear

Anna Dello Russo & Mario Testino at the Roger Vivier private view

Anna Wintour

Bruno Frisoni & Anna Wintour

After the Roger Vivier Private View and drinks with Laura at a gorgeous wine bar I’m genuinely devastated I can’t remember the name of, we hit up the New York New York party. I’d managed to miss this touring bash in New York and London so was pretty pleased to make the Paris one. My excitement was short lived when exhaustion and vodka cocktails met and did not mix well. Luckily I had the sense to excuse myself toute suite and retire to my bed where embarrassment could not ensure but I was rather sad not to join in on all the communal morning-after-the-night-before reminiscing the next day. Any sadness was dissipated however by the evening when I wast a combination of smug, nervous and once again, over excited to be off to the Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Launch at Le Bon Marché and feeling sprightly rather than ready for bed. Given the three independently incredible sartorial entities (mouthful much?) involved in this event, there was no way it was going to be anything less than heaven. The guest list was strictly A + list – think Dakota and Elle Fanning, Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Bennett, Eva Herzigova, Claire and Virginie Courtin-Clarins and of course, Sofia  – and the drinks, food not to mention insanely covetable handbag itself were all beyond perfection. I’m not usually one for canapés (if you like them, there’s not enough, if you don’t then you can’t exactly gob them into your clutch) but on this occasion they were, for want of a better word, banging.

Parisian Parties

Sophia Coppola outside the Bon Marche window she designed… C’est parfait!

Miranda Kerr Louis Vuitton

Miranda Kerr at the Sophia Coppola for Louis Vuitton launch at Bon Marche

Parisian PArties

Elle Fanning

Sofia Coppola & Louis Vuitton Celebrate New SC Bag Launch - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear  S/S 2014

Dakota Fanning

Tempted though I was to hit the Paul & Joe after party at Le Baron afterwards my newfound willpower kicked in again and I headed home for a cup of tea and bed, somehow managing to organise a nine person dinner at my house via twitter (I cannot cook, this should be interesting…) somewhere along the way. Don’t worry, I’m not a reformed and sensible character all of a sudden, there’s just no way in hell I was risking missing the Louis Vuitton show the next day.

4 weeks, 2 continents, 2 cities, approximately 30 outfits and god knows how many shows, presentations and parties later my SS14 fashion month formally finished up when I arrived at St Pancras around midnight the next day. Going straight into my final year of uni the morning after that was one hell of a return to reality but at least I’ll have these fond memories to keep me going until February… And let’s be honest, there will probably be plenty more fashion fun between now and then anyway.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my fashion week posts, bring on next season I say!

Love Ella. x

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