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The other day I was going through my iCal and realized quite how many parties I attend! While I can just about justify my presence at most of them with a blog post, there is a limit to how many hours of champagne fuelled fun can really be clocked up as “work”. So in an attempt to make myself feel better about spending my evenings gallivanting around town in my gladrags rather than, say, improving my (largely non-existent) French or grappling with my university reading list, I’ve decided to compile a selection “do’s and don’ts” for dressing up during the festive season. Given the number I go to, it would be kind of depressing if I didn’t know a thing or two about getting party ready!

1) Invest in dresses, update with separates.

A great party dress is pretty much a fail-safe outfit in itself, whereas separates require co-ordination and are rife with potential accessorizing and styling pitfalls, especially when getting ready in a hurry. Always have a couple of classic cocktail numbers in your wardrobe then if you feel like mixing things up with sequins, spandex and flash-in-the-pan trends, raid topshop for fun separates.

2) Loud outfit = subtle make up.

Sounds obvious but when wearing a colour-popping dress, how tempting is it to match your lips, nails and eye makeup?!

3) Comfort does NOT trump style but physical pain is not chic.

I do not, and will not ever advocate the wearing of trainers to a party, even if they happen to be of the wait list, Isabel Marant variety. At the same time no one wants to be the girl who broke an ankle in her one-size-to-large YSL Tributes so choose your footwear wisely.

4) Glitter is good great

During the “festive season” glitter is your best friend. Bags, shoes, nails, clothes… Wearing excessive amounts of sparkle is only acceptable for a couple of months a year, so make the most of it while you can.

5) Drink meet dress.

I’m a big fan of at least vaguely trying to choose a drink that matches my outfit, not least because it minimizes the risk of red wine/white frock disasters. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that champagne goes with everything.

6) Take a risk, in the right situation.

I’m all for taking a risk, especially at a Christmas bash were the chances are no one will remember your outfit anyway! The one major consideration when deciding where to debut your new look is the caliber of occasion. Fancy rocking an Gareth Pugh inspired fetish-tastic ensemble? Go for it! Just maybe not at the British Fashion Awards or the ex-who-your-not-quite-over’s Christmas party.

7) To clutch, or not to clutch?

That is indeed the question. On the one hand, they’re easily the most elegant way to carry your iPhone/cigarettes/lipstick when off to a swanky ‘do… But that’s quite literally all you can fit in one. Unless you’re the kind of fabulous creature with a chauffer and various minions, chances are you need to lug a bit more stuff around with you. My way of getting around the problem this season has been to take a clutch and a great big tote for the journey that I then stow in the cloakroom before any pictures get taken.

Most of all remember that you can never, ever be over dressed during the festive season…Oh, and have a good time!

Love Ella. X

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