Partying with Moynat, Matches & GQ Style

Mynat Matches GQ Style

Wearing Erdem @ THE OUTNET, Angel Jackson, Sophia Webster & Anne Bowes Jewellery

It’s no secret that I’m rather partial to a party so when Moynat, Matches and GQ all agreed that Wednesday is totes the new Friday and decided to host soirées that evening, my RSVP was obviously a resounding oui! This was before spending the evening prancing around Paris with Dior (more on that very soon) before leaving for London at 7am the next morning with the intention of “getting loads of work done.” Suffice to say, by the time I arrived back in Blighty the idea of getting back in my gladrags and hitting the town didn’t massively appeal. Once I’d slipped into a delectable Erdem number from THE OUTNET and enjoyed a scrumptious supper at Little House Mayfair I found that in fact, I was rather excited after all. Funny that.

Moynat London Store Opening

First up, was Moynat’s chic store launch a mere high heeled toddle up the road on Mount Street. Given that a) Moynat’s leather goods are the epitome of luxury and b) Karl Lagerfeld rocked up to the Paris party last summer, I was super psyched about their arrival in London. Launched in 1849, Moynat Paris is a heritage brand in the truest sense of the word and what they don’t know about luxury isn’t worth knowing. Many brands with a similar legacy did not in fact develop into their current guise until really quite recently but I was astonished to discover that Moynat released their first collection of women’s handbags in 1878 so have had well over a century to refine their take on my ultimate sartorial indulgence. As a result, the leather lovelies on show last week were utterly exquisite. In an array of buttersoft skins and deliciously colour popping shades it was all I could do not to grab as many as I could carry and leg it. Had I not be wearing 5 inch Sophia Webster stilettos then who knows, I may have even tried and been subsequently rendered a fashion pariah… albeit one with GREAT handbags. Seriously, the sheer craftsmanship involved in these babies is phenomenal and on the night, we were lucky enough to witness the artisanal expertise in action.

moynat matches GQ Style

moynat matches GQ

Naturally Moynat had invited the toast of the town and I spied Samantha Barks, Martha Ward, Jasmine Guinness and David Downton (remember our Rimini trip last year?) among many fabulous others. My companions for the night were brand strategist extraordinaire and AnOther Man contributor, Andrew Blysack and of course, Nik Thakkar who FYI also wrote a fantastic piece on the event. With the exception of possibly Rhianna and/or Ryan Gosling, I couldn’t have wished for better partners in crime.

moynat matches GQ Style

Me & Nik

moynat matches GQ Style

Martha Ward

Moynat Matches GQ Style

Samatha Barks

moynat matches GQ Style

Moynat Paris, Mayfair

Moynat Matches GQ Style

Jasmine Guinness

After several glasses of champagne and a good ogle of E-V-E-R-Y gorgeous thing in the Moynat boutique it was time to head to Welbeck Street for a house party, the haute-ness of which you would not believe. Obviously you’ve heard of Matches. You may well have bankrupted yourself on their fashionable delights (as I have on many occasions) and read their brilliant new magazine. Well, on top of their online and offline stores and publications, they also own THE most fabulous townhouse on Welbeck Street. Every time I visit I start imagining I live their and have to be pretty much forcibly removed, it’s that gorgeous, and usually full of unbelievably beautiful clothes. On this occasion the beautiful clothes had been replaced by beautiful people as the house was playing host to the MATCHESFASHION.COM x GQ Style Magazine party. By the time we arrived the place was packed with well dressed revellers spilling out onto balconies and even the the street. Admittedly the latter were largely taking a cig break but still, you get my point. And this wasn’t your usual rammed house party posse. While tottering up the stairs, not looking where I was going, I physically collided with James Cordon (#embarrassing) before rounding a corner to see Sharleen Spiteri and Oliver Cheshire (not together).

moynat matches GQ


Moynat Matches GQ Style

James Cordon & Eliza Doolittle

Moynat, Matches, GQ Style

Oliver Cheshire

Up the next flight were David Gandy, Eliza Doolittle, Patrick Grant and Jack Guinness. In celebration of the occasion Douglas Booth, Nicola Formichetti, Tom Odell, Sam Smith, Craig Green and Agi & Sam had all been enlisted to create their own playlists. I think Nicola’s may have been my fave, it involved Miley Cyrus, the Spice Girls, Sean Paul and Rhianna… Hello my new gym/life soundtrack.

Moynat, Matches, GQ Style

David Gandy

Moynat, Matches, GQ Style

Patrick Grant & Jack Guinness

After mucho mincing which was fab, and losing my lipstick which was less so, we decided hit the road and decamped to Soho House for a nightcap.

Love Ella. X


One thought on “Partying with Moynat, Matches & GQ Style

  1. Ella you look stunning! Gorgeous photo and your blog is a delight to visit.

    Many moons ago when we lived in London I bought a gorgeous pair of Helmut Lang boots from Matches in Notting Hill. I stupidly decided to show off and wear them to work one day when it was pouring down with rain and the stiletto heel got stuck in between paving stones in Farringdon of all places :-)

    A rather nice chap had to help rescue me from the pavement and in so doing we broke the heel :-( This is almost ten years ago now and I still weep thinking about those boots! x

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