Petit Bateau x Carven

Carven X Petite Bateau

Yep, it’s true, the most adorable collaboration imaginable has really and truly happened! Petit Bateau x Carven is here! I don’t need to tell you quite how excited I was by this choice morsel of sartorial gossip by you know me, I will anyway. Before actually receiving a press release about this match made in fashion heaven I spotted it on one of my favourite blogs, Sandra’s Closet. Generally I don’t pinch post inspiration from other bloggers but this collab is literally the stuff of my dreams so I couldn’t not write something about it…

As you’ve probably realised by now, there’s a not-so-little part of me that can’t help wishing I was French. Les Parisiennes just have an inimitable brand of nonchalant elegance that’s almost unbearably chic. Well, no two brands encapsulate this insouciant style better that Petit Bateau and Carven so naturally the results of their combined creative efforts are covetable beyond belief. The colours, the shapes, the stripes, the collars.. Ooh la la! Race you to the Eurostar… Or just snap them up at

Petit Bateau X Carven

Petit Bateau X Carven

1) Striped Polo Shirt Body, £63, click here to buy
2) Block Colour Polo Shirt, £63, click here to buy
3) Striped Polo Shirt Body, £63, click here to buy
4) Red Contrast Collar Dress, £211, click here to buy
5) Navy Contrast Collar Dress, £211, click here to buy

Love Ella. X


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