Pyjama Time


Now I know this will seem like I’m just jumping on the pyjama dressing bandwagon six months late but I’m not, I promise! I’m a bit of a pyjama addict myself so thought it was high time I did a post on them. I’m also lame enough to be religious in my wearing of floral cotton during the summer and tartan wool in winter, regardless of the predictably unpredictable British Weather. That said, it I owned a couple of sleek silk pairs I would most likely wear them all year round. Anyway, enough about me and my obsessive wardrobe habits, get a load of these bed-time-tastic beauties…

1) Markus Lupfer for Whistles Silk Pyjamas: Bottoms, £95, click here to buy. Top, £125, click here to buy.
2) J Crew Pyjamas: Bottoms, £120, click here to buy. Top: £130, click here to buy.
3) Avenue 32 x Poplin Toy Soldier Clara Pyjama Set: £120, click here to buy.
4) Equiptment Avery Brushed Silk Pyjama Set: £459, click here to buy.

Admittedly most of these jim jams (as my father inexplicably calls them) are glam enough to wear out of the house without looking like a madwoman but personally I envisage them being worn while having breakfast in bed, opening presents on Christmas morning or nursing a festive hangover with Gossip Girl re-runs and a vat of coffee. While we’re on the subject of wearing pyjamas out of the house my policy is that if their super luxe and silky, add heels and go for it. If they’re of the wooly/extra comfy variety then only wear so far as the corner shop or nearest Starbucks, provided it’s under 10 minutes away. What’s your view on it?

Love Ella. X


3 thoughts on “Pyjama Time

  1. I luv the pyjama look got a some silk pyjamas which I’ve worn as daywear. Got a few different pairs so can mix and match. Feel amazing to wear. Worn mostly when been shopping or out for evening. Also worm silk pyjama top with jeans quite a bit or with a silk top. Really like the look feels great also! Gem x

  2. I am all for wearing pyjamas as daywear but I myself can’t pull it off, I have gone as far as wearing a pyjama shirt with some skinnies but not the whole look!

    I love the ones from whistles, they’re not as obviously pyjama like as the others, those I can work with!


    • Hi Lola ,

      Like you I’m all for the pyjama look as daywear. Feels great too! Were you wearing silk top when you tried the look? As I think only this works for me, I go for the plain silk. I have done the whole look, feels and looks great. Luv gem! X

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