Romanian Holiday

Romania, La Petite Anglaise, Agent Provocateur


Ok first and foremost, can we take a second to appreciate my pun-tastic post title? I seriously struggled to come up with one. I know I’ve said that once or twice or several hundred times before, but in this case it’s perhaps rather more justified. I mean, coming up with a vaguely appropriate title for a post that is essentially a series of pictures of you prancing around a Romanian hotel wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie, sunglasses and stilettos is a little tricky.

More so than naming one involving a trans-seasonal sundress, for instance. The options are pretty much either boring, potentially confusing or just plain lame… So I settled for a shameless pun, which I like to think doesn’t fall under any of those but there is some chance I’m deluding myself in that respect.


I’m not going to lie to you, I was a little nervous about posting this shoot. And doing it in the first place for that matter. Obviously I wasn’t exactly in my birthday suit but wearing lingerie of any description on camera is daunting even if the pieces in question aren’t really any more revealing than most party dresses and waaaaay less so than swimwear. We’ve all got our insecurities, God knows I do, and nothing brings those destructive demons out quite like having your photo taken wearing sheer lace from head to fluffy muled toe! On another level, my style has historically been more than a little preppy and La Petite Anglaise has in the past strongly reflected that. This shoot is obviously not a Peter Pan collar, knee high socks and pleated skirts situation so what kind of response it would get was definitely a major consideration. But as I explained after my site redesign a couple of months ago, the aim I have for LPA moving forward is to create varied, exciting, interesting content and it’s impossible to do that without evolving, trying new things and taking a few risks along the way.



As I’ve said SO MANY DAMN TIMES I’m even bored by hearing it repeated, the thing I find most inspiring and enjoyable about fashion is its capacity to transform and empower; to let you explore and express different aspects of your personality, step outside your comfort zone, experiment with new aesthetics and most of all, have fun. We definitely had a hell of a lot of fun shooting this! Particular lols highlights include getting in the pool in the red lace kimono (plus stilettos and sunglasses) and being stumbled upon by a team of slightly confused security guards while sprawled on the floor outside a conference room wearing the green silk number… My phone may or may not have been just out of shot blasting J-Lo at the time, which definitely didn’t add to the ridiculousness of the situation.

Despite my initial hangups, I’m absolutely thrilled with the results of this shoot and looking back at the pictures makes me smile so much when I remember the good times we had in Bucharest! I’m really excited to finally share it, and a little nervous… So, What do you guys think?

Huge thanks to InterContinental Hotels for our amazing location and Agent Provocateur for the beautiful pieces.

Love Ella. X


Images by Holly McGlynn
Editing by Lefteris Prasopoulos
Hair, makeup & styling by me
Location InterContinental Bucharest