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It’s not everyday that one of your dear friends launches their very own print magazine so when James Joseph, Editor-in-Chief of the world’s largest dark style digital publication, Stylenoir, did just that earlier this year I was very excited indeed. Well, I’m every bit as excited to share the news of Stylenoir’s second ever print issue which hits the stands today! The Monarchy Issue is an exquisite celebration of all things ominous which explores the way in which power, greed and corruption has pervaded the royal bloodline via 120 pages of darkly beautiful editorials and interviews with the likes of fashion designer Katie Gallagher, the duo behind Fyodor Golan and iconic American Horror Story star, Naomi Grossman. With photography by the talented Merry Phillips, Ekaterina Belinskaya and Jenny Brough and clothes by Vivienne Westwood, Todd Lynn, David Koma and Eudon Choi to name but a few, it’s the kind of mag that could and most likely will double as a coffee table tome. I was lucky enough to be among the small group invited to preview it last night and experience the inspiration behind it by way of a historic walk through Britain’s Monarchy with Alex Marx from Fox & Squirrel finishing up with celebratory drinks at the Golden Lion pub. Congratulations James and the whole Stylenoir team!

You can order your copy (and I highly recommend you do) online here.

Love Ella. X


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