Look Du Jour: Off Duty

look du jour

What: Jeans: Made in Heaven, Top: Whistles, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: Anne Bowes Jewellery.

Where: Working at home and followed by a evening in my local pub.

This weekend I was having a quick flick through my ‘Look du Jour’ page and realised that on the whole, I only post what I wear to parties or when I’m out and about at meetings, press days and interviews… basically occasions that require me to look relatively smart. But contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally forsake blouses and high heels in favour of more relaxed attire. Ok, so I’m not talking tracksuit bottoms and trainers, heaven forbid, but come the weekend I do down-time dressing by way of looser fit jeans, soft cotton tee’s and well worn flats. As far as denim’s concerned, I’ve always been a J Brand and Acne devotee but recently I gave Made in Heaven jeans a try and discovered they’re not only stylish but also unbelievably comfy. While I won’t be giving up my addiction to dressing up anytime soon, a little off duty chic certainly hits the spot from time to time.

Love Ella. X

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Look Du Jour: Broderie & Blush


What: Shorts: Sister Jane, Blouse: Topshop, Bag: Whistles, Necklace: Anne Bowes Jewellery, Pumps: Parisian Boutique (forgotten the name).

Where: Meetings in London.

At long, long last we finally seem to be getting a bit of summer here in England, yay! Not only does this open up endless opportunities for picnics in the park, long evenings sitting outside in pub gardens and general fun in the sun, it also means that all the garments which have been languishing unworn in the backs of our wardrobes since February can see the light of day. Case in point, these broderie anglaise shorts. As an item that can under no circumstances be paired with tights in the event of a sudden downpour, I haven’t had the courage to take them out for a spin yet but after checking the weather forecast on my iPhone plus five different websites (sad I know) I managed it. Turns out, they’re THE most perfect thing for rushing around London between meetings in the heat so you can rest assured that these babies will be making a few more appearences before September comes.

Love Ella. X

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La Petite Weekly Wish List: Summer Sale Edition

1) Chinti & Parker Pocket Front Cashmere Sweater, reduced from £300 to £210 at Matches, click here to buy.
2) Diane Von Furstenberg Clyde Skirt, reduced from £266 to £186 at Matches, click here to buy
3) Nicholas Kirkwood Neon Lace Sandals, reduced from £656.67 to £394 at, click here to buy.
4) Alexander Wang Marion Bag, reduced from £565 to £462 at, click here to buy.
5) Meadham Kirchoff ‘Kitty’ Silk Clutch, reduced from £415 to £250 at Browns, click here to buy.
7) Christopher Kane Splice & Fold Jacket, reduced from £2200 to £1320 at Matches, click here to buy.
8) Peter Pilotto Stamp Print Dress, reduced from £485 to £339.50 at Net-a-Porter, click here to buy
9) Mulberry Harriet Satchel, reduced from £850 to £595, click here to buy.
10) Camilla Skovgaard Leather & Lizard Effect Sandals, reduced from £335 to £231 at Net-a-Porter. Click here to buy.

Strictly speaking, I’m not a hardcore sales shopper. The idea of fighting tooth and nail for the last pastel blouse in Topshop only to discover that it’s the wrong size is not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. Plus, it’s pretty likely that the little something you found on the sale rale and picked up for a fiver will be unwearably dated in a few weeks time. But when it comes to buying bank breakingly expensive and most importantly, classic designer items, I worship at the altar of end-of-season price reductions. This is especially the case when it comes to the summer sales. In London we’re lucky to have had more than half an hour of sunshine by the time June arrives so there is still plenty of “summer” time left during which we can wear, or at least fantasise about wearing, broderie anglaise and skimpy sundresses. While you might be able to pick up a few investment pieces in January, most of the stock on sale isn’t all that attractive. I mean, do YOU fancy buying more knitwear after months and months of gloom!?

Love Ella. X

Ps) Just realised I went straight from 5 to 7, must have just been in too much of a hurry to finish this post and get shopping!

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Look Du Jour: Birthday Brat


What: Dress & Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Alberta Ferretti, Ring: Swarovski, Necklace: Anne Bowes Jewellery

Where: Birthday dinner at The Hospital Club, London.

I’ve never understood people who don’t like birthdays. Obviously everyone LOVES birthdays when they’re little but for many, the novelty wears off with the passing of time. Well, not for me. Every single year I get more and more excited during the weeks, ok months, leading up to the big day and once it arrives, insist on dragging out the festivities for an inordinately long time. I adore my birthday for many reasons. Obviously presents are great but even better in the fact that for one whole day everyone has to be nice to you, regardless of how appallingly you behave! This year I had even more cause to celebrate than usual because finally I would be turning 21. I kicked off my birthday with the Starworks Resort press day before hitting Central London with my mum for a shopping/coffee-drinking/sushi-eating bonanza. In the evening I took some of my proud purchases on their first outing to dinner with my nearest and dearest at The Hospital Club.

Love Ella. X

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LPA Styles It: Jaeger London

I’m extremely excited to introduce the first of a little series of posts I’ve had in the pipelines for a while now… LPA Styles It. As you’ve probably noticed, La Petite Anglaise is first and formost a platform from which I wax lyrcial about the things I love. Sometimes the current object of my affection is a designer no one’s heard of, others it’s a handbag that costs as much as a car. But looking back through the LPA archives I noticed than there are two things I tend to obsess over in particular: what I’m wearing and where I’m shopping, or at least, where I wish I was shopping. So I decided why not combine them both and team up with a few of my favourite brands for a good, old dressing up session? Plus, I thought that in the process I might unearth a few sartorial gems that you – or I for that matter – haven’t seen before and therefore have yet to purchase. Our bank accounts might not thank us but I’m sure you’ll agree, there are more important things in life than being able to pay your phone bill.

First up, Jaeger London. While I didn’t plan on styling looks for specific occasions, I think I actually came up with one hell of a holiday wardrobe! Now all I have to do is start saving for flights…

Riviera Chic

Jaeger London

Olivia Button Breton Dress (new season!), £99, click here to buy
Hastings Bag in Black, reduced from £299 to £149, click here to buy
Louise Shoe in Navy, reduced from £75 to £50, click here to buy

City Slicker

Jaeger London

Edie Silk Blouse in Pastel Green, reduced from £120 to £60, click here to buy
Denim Shorts, reduced from £50 to £35 click here to buy
Kate Bag in Navy, reduced from £150 to £75, click here to buy
Alice Shoe in Black, reduced from £120 to £75, click here to buy

Cocktail Hour

Jaeger London

Alana Striped Prom Dress, reduced from £160 to £80, click here to buy
Kate Bag in Navy, reduced from £150 to £75, click here to buy
Louise Shoe in Navy, reduced from £75 to £50, click here to buy

Culture Vulture

Jaeger London

Emma Drop Waist Dress (new season!), £120, click here to buy
Hastings Bag in Red, reduced from £299 to £149, click here to buy
Alice Shoe in Black, reduced from £120 to £75, click here to buy

Ice Cream Parlour

Jaeger London

Striped Cardigan – available in store
Edie Silk Blouse in White, reduced from £120 to £70, click here to buy
Rene Pleated Scarf Print Skirt, reduced from £70 to £40, click here to buy
Alice Shoe in Tan, reduced from £120 to £75, click here to buy

Love Ella. X

Photographs by Paul Gonzales

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