The h.Club Hot 100 Winners Announcement Party

h.Club hot 100

I know what you’re thinking, ‘another party?’ Well yes, I do go to a few but it’s all in the name of work I promise and if people insist on throwing them every night of the week, who am I to say no?! Plus this wasn’t your average fash bash or even really a fashion event at all. In place of the usual coiterie of bloggers, journalists, designers and stylish celebs, the guestlist was a selection of London’s top creatives ranging from TV producers to artists, actors and advertising gurus. Many moons ago, The Hospital Club – a members only media hub in Covent Garden – decided to launch the h.Club Hot 100, an annual search for the most original and influential people working in the UK’s creative industries. This year they joined forces with Time Out London to hunt down an array of innovators, visionaries and pioneers before hosting a nice big party to announce which talented so-and-so’s made the cut.

h.Club hot 100

I’m a HUGE fan of The Hospital Club (they make a mean Cosmopolitan) and conveniently my dad’s a member so much to his annoyance, I try to tag along there with him as often as possible. Any event held in their seven floor space is guaruanteed to be a goodie and the h.Club Hot 100 bash certainly didn’t disappoint. As this wasn’t a fashion party per se, I was a little worried that I would be a bit on the mateless side. Luckily uber stylist Rebekah Roy was nominated (she won) and came with Forward PR Founder, Courtney Blackman along so we got to reminise on the WGSN Global Fashion Awards last week over a couple of glasses of champagne. Aside from shoes, bags, Starbucks and Scandinavian crime novels, I’m also a sucker for British comedy so I was thrilled when Mark Dolan took to the stage and had us all in fits with his hilarious and ever-so-slightly mocking rendition of this year’s h.Club Hot 100. Just to clarify, there are ten winners over ten catagories, chosen by the public from a long list of nominees. I don’t mean this in a patronising way but I got the wrong end of the stick and made the embarassing mistake of asking several rather important people when the final would be taking place! I won’t list the entire h.Club Hot 100 here as it would take a rather long time but I will tell you that the winners in the ‘fashion’ catagory included Stella McCartney, Sarah Burton, Nick Knight and of course, Rebekah. To find out the rest click here.

Given that there were 100 winners to announce, I suspected this particular part of the evening might go on for a while. But Mark being the comedic genious he is managed to read out the lot in about 10 minutes, interjecting gags as he went. After that it was time for more champagne and mingling – by this point I’d had a couple so was striking up conversations with intimidatingly hip media types left, right and centre) before heading up to the fourth floor bar to indulge in the aforementioned Cosmopolitan. Oh and I almsot forgot to mention, we bumped into Hugh Grant and Boris Johnson (sadly not together), great way to start the week or what!?

Love Ella. X

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