There’s Something About Cara

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Firstly I have to apologise for the frankly lame title of this post, I just can’t resist a bit of shameless appropriation. Secondly I know the subject of Cara Delevingne seems about as original as the blogger tastic ensemble I rocked on Monday. But bear with me, because this is one of occasions where I’d especially love to hear from you lot. The other night I slipped off my J.Crew sheepskin slippers and tucked myself into bed in my tartan PJs and cosy cashmere socks armed with a mug of peppermint tea and set about getting stuck into the February issues.The first thing I noticed, leafing through the many gorgeous ad campaigns on display before the first article, was the fact that Cara Delevingne starred in not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 of them. Namely, mulberry (above), DKNY, La Perla and Saint Laurent make up. This was not the first time I’d encountered Miss Delevingne that day nor would it be the last, she’s everywhere. And despite having been E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E for some time now, it doesn’t appear that her proverbial fifteen minutes are even close to being up. This, I know, isn’t exactly news but it got me thinking, what is it about Cara that has the world so enraptured? What unique qualities have made her fame and career eclipse that of her sister?

Cara La Perla

La Perla SS14 Campaign

Cara Delevingne is beautiful, well obvs, but dare I say it no more gorgeous than Karlie Kloss or Jourdan Dunn. I mean really, they’re all goddamn goddesses. But yet, it’s Cara who makes headlines on a daily basis, walked in practically every AW13 show, then had the clout to basically opt out next season and still scores more Vogue covers and major advertising campaigns than the lot. This led me to wonder that perhaps the key to this particular model’s meteoric success lies not in her good looks, banging bod, posing prowess or business acumen. Perhaps the reason fashion brands and fans alike go cray cray for Cara D is more down to her highly publicised personal life and possibly even her personality itself, or at least what we conceive her personality to be. Whether or not the Cara’s knack for face pulling selfies, A list besties and inherent naughtiness are a clearly calculated PR strategy, it’s sure as hell worked out brilliantly for her. She neither pretends to be perfect not subscribes to the Kate Moss school of enigmatic mystery which, I suspect, may not have been quite so effective in an age where everyone wants to know what their idols had for breakfast and swiftly direct their attentions elsewhere if their demand for 24/7 selfies goes unmet.


Cara Delevigne closing the Chanel Haute Couture SS14 show


Cara’s backstage snaps

But of course, merely sharing the ins and outs of ones daily grind does not a megastar make. It’s got to be something people want to see and secretly, or openly for that matter, desire to emulate. A reason so many social media addicts flock to Cara D’s Instagram feed is no doubt because they can be damn sure those snaps won’t just be of her at home reading a novel. Cara spends New Year’s Eve partying with Rhianna, casual afternoons causing global scandal by snuggling with Michelle Rodriguez and last Tuesday morning opening and closing the Chanel haute couture show, playing muse to Monsieur Lagerfeld, documenting the lot with a series of gleeful and goofy selfies. On paper, Miss Delevingne seems like the ultimate rockstar supermodel but maybe the obvious joy and excitement she takes and shares in experiencing something most people could only dream of proves she is not so far removed after all. If you spent a night with Rhianna, let’s be honest, that shit would be all over Instagram. And that’s precisely what Cara does.


Cara & Rhianna’s New Year’s Eve night out


Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevigne getting cosy on the baseball FROW

As a supermodel, she appears to be both a combination of unbelievably lucky and comparatively relatable. For as long as I’ve read magazines it’s been something of an A list obsession to pretend they’re just normal people when of course, clearly they’re not. So no wonder we love (or love to hate) it when famous females openly live the excessive, jet set, high rolling lifestyles most of us can only fantasise about. The more major campaigns and famous mates Cara Delevingne acquires, the more she can revel in these particular perks of her job. The more her antics reach our ears, or rather our iPhones, the more we talk about her, the more campaigns she lands and thus, the cycle continues. Or at least, that’s one theory on it.

The question I’m really putting to you dear readers, is what do you think it is about Cara Delevingne that has kept her star rising and looks to keep it doing so for the foreseeable future. Is it her differences from other supers and celebs? Her willingness to share her life, flaws n’ all? Or just a combination of good genes and even better luck? Ultimately it comes down to the question of what it is exactly that elevates someone from the realms of mere celebrity and makes them a phenomenon.

What do YOU think?

Love Ella. X

4 Thoughts on There’s Something About Cara

  1. Anna says:

    I think she is so successful because she is a sort of blank; as you said, her face can be ugly and beautiful, I think she simply acts as a mirror for what we want to see, wether that be a beautiful self assertive young woman or an over sharing A-typical celebrity, you can find whatever you want. And nothing is as rewarding as the celebrity who keeps paying out in the way that we want.
    I think her class (social and attitude) and the fact she is very British keeps her elevated from the doldrums of Kardashian territory.
    She doesn’t have it all, but she has everything that the people who look at her want to have.
    Fair play to her I say.

  2. Alexia says:

    Oh what a nice post, Ella! Well, I was wondering the same thing yesterday when I was reading the February issue of British Vogue!

    I don’t think it’s just her looks or her “embrace your weird side” attitude. I think she is a fantastic marketing “product”, in the good way. She has managed (alone or with others, I don’t really know) to create a unique persona that she sells in an interestting way.

    Although I am bored of her face in almost every single page of magazines, I can’t get enough. She can be ugly when she’s supposed to do so, she can be goofy, pretty, mysterious, rock and preppy. Her face and talent makes her unique, so I guess it’s exactly what designers and PR companies need.

    I don’t know how long this will last, though.

    Keep up the good work!

    Alexia Sakellariou

  3. Sophie says:

    I absolutely love Cara! Obsessed with her (majorly girl crushing). I love seeing her in all the fash mags and agree that her (perceived) personality may be a big part of why she’s literally everywhere… whatever it is, I’m not complaining! I don’t think her or her eye brows will be going anywhere any time soon! Great post Ella and lovely blog! x

  4. Naville says:

    I used to find her really interesting back when she was modelling for asos, i just wanted to know more about her

    then all of a sudden she was EVERYWHERE and people couldn’t get enough of her, which bored me so I don’t really like her anymore haha


    Inspirations Have I None

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