Tom Ford Lips & Boys

Left: Rafael, £26, click here to buy // Right: Luciano, £26, click here to buy

So, Christmas is over. I hope you all had a wonderful one? Mine certainly was although I have the inevitable post holiday urge to turn vegan, give up drinking and chain myself to a gym until Easter. I suspect this will have disappeared by the end of the afternoon, thank God. After a few days spent taking muddy walks, playing over competitive games of Scrabble and arguing over whose turn it is to to the washing up, even the sales can seem like an escape from the joys of being en famille. Said sales are of course in full swing both online and in stores all over the world but before I disappear down the rabbit hole of sale shopping, bankrupt myself and encourage you all to do the same, I just have to share this super exciting beauty launch. I know I don’t usually post about product launches but this one is really, really awesome. Meet Tom Ford Lips & Boys

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2

Left: Oliver, £26, click here to buy // Right: Didier, £26, click here to buy

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Tom Ford is absolutely excellent at absolutely everything. Ford is an icon, an inspiration and deservedly one of the most respected, revered and adored figured in the fashion industry. Whether he’s revamping a heritage luxury brand and defining the aesthetic of a decade in the process, directing award winning films or dividing the fashion world by sending essentially haute nipple tassles down the runway, whenever Mr Ford turns his hand to something you can guarantee that the results will be compelling. His own eponymous brand, launched in 2004, almost instantly became synonymous with glamour and elegance, worn by the world’s most famous and fabulous people and coveted by millions more besides. Of course, no megabrand would be complete without a beauty offering and Tom Ford’s is one of my favourites. Earlier this month I was lucky enough to preview the Lips & Boys collection when the brand held a gorgeous event in the suitably decadent surrounds of the ME Hotel. As you all know very well indeed, I’m a lipstick obsessive and these are absolutely some of the best around. Each shade is named after the men Ford himself admires, from collaborators and inspiring figures to intimates from his own personal life. This translates as an all encompassing lipstick wardrobe including every luscious, glamourous and glossy shade a girl could possibly want, concocted from rare and exotic ingredients such as soja seen extract, Brazilian Murumuru butter and Chamomilla flower oil. Adriano, PavlosPabloKyril and the rest are then encased in the sleekest of sleek miniature cases. I’ve been waiting with my credit card and mouse clicking finger for the lipsticks to hit Selfridges since being introduced to them that evening and reckon it may well be worth forgoing a few sale purchases to make a few of these beauties my own. I’m currently coveting hot pink Justin (below left) but the deliciously glittering metallic purple Alasdhair (below right) is very tempting too.

Tom Ford 1

Left: Alasdhair, £26, click here to buy // Right: Preston, £26, click here to buy

What do you guys think of the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection? Worth skipping a couple of sales bargains to own? You can see and shop the lot online here.

Love Ella. X

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  1. khanhpi says:

    Wow this Tom Ford is very gorgeous and elegant. If I have one, this will make my lipstick collection become more precious.

    Love from Best shoes 2016

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