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If you do one single thing today, make it checking out the Vogue website Not content with having been the award-winning digital fashion authority for nearly 17 years, the world’s foremost sartorial bible has decided to completely revamp their site.  The new Vogue.co.uk site is apparently built in HTML5 and CSS3. For those who not fully versed in tech lingo (i.e me) that means it will look amazing on the small screens of tablet devices, on the largest of desktop monitors, and all sizes in between.


As we all know, Vogue has an incredible archive of stunning, fashion content.  The reimagined site will showcase this more beautifully than ever before via the introuction of new and improved ‘topic sections’ displaying all articles, catwalk shows, Vogue covers, blog entries and galleries, searchable by brand, people or events. Other editorial developments to note include a left hand browser bar featuring current stories; and the site allows the editorial team to mix images of all sizes with their articles and galleries, and with other content such as videos, music playlists, and quotes. And with fashion week mere days away, British Vogue will be offering everyone with an internet connection a front row seat at the shows with a more immersive catwalk gallery than ever before! Users will be able to explore all aspects of a show at once – what happened backstage, who was in the audience, and of course what was on the catwalk. In 2008, Vogue was first to offer magnification of catwalk images, now it enhances that functionality to give users the most expansive and immersive catwalk visuals on the web.

So, if you hadn’t bookmarked Vogue.co.uk already (in which case, shame on you) I’d highly recommend you step away from and work you’re doing and get it sorted right away!

Love Ella. X

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  1. Lola says:

    Wow! That sounds incredibly techno, definitely gonna check it out today, excited!! X

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