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For all my banging on about forgoing New Year’s resolutions in favour of the far more enjoyable, fasholutions, I have kind of made one. Not so much a specific, check list style promise. More a decision to rebalance my life a little and generally be healthier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the whole work-hard-play-hard thing but somewhere in between all the working and the playing, and the playing that’s technically working but not really, you’ve got to look after your mind and body too. Sorry, that sounds hideously new age and preachy and whenever someone says something like this to me I feel an overwhelming urge to inflict violence on them but if this post has proven anything, it’s that I can on occasion be a bit of a hypocrite. Anyway my, oh go on then, let’s call it a “resolution”, wont involve anything too major. I won’t be going gluten free, juicing green things or spending every weekend on a yoga retreat. What I will be doing is spending more time with friends and family, indulging in activities of a non-fashion variety, actually cooking occasionally instead of just relying on itsu/M&S/late night Reese’s Pieces and last but certainly not least, doing a bit of exercise from time to time. Aside from toning, boosting endorphins, general wellbeing etc etc, the benefit of deciding to invest in a gym membership is that it provides the perfect excuse to buy a whole lot of work out gear. Currently lusting after these lycra lovelies…

werk it
1) GapFit Colour Block Half Zip Running Hoodie, £34.50, click here to buy
2) GapFit gFast leggings, £24.95, click here to buy
3) Nike Air Pegasus 30 iD Running Shoe, 120, click here to buy
4) T by Alexander Wang Rainbow Cotton Terry Shorts, £140, click here to buy
5) GapFit High Impact Sports Bra, £24.95, click here to buy
6) Orlebar Brown Hampton Bikini Top, £125, click here to buy
7) Orlebar Brown Hampton Bikini Bottoms, £100, click here to buy
8) Sweaty Betty Perfomance Run Sock, £15, click here to buy
9) Sweaty Betty 1.5kg Dumbells, £25, click here to buy
10) Zoe Karssen Bat Print Track Pants, £110, click here to buy

Love Ella. X

Ps) In case you were wondering about the post title it’s purely because I’m a Britney obsessive and listen to Werk Bitch on repeat every time I go to the gym. What’s on your work (or rather “werk”) out playlist?

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  1. Marina

    Jumper, skirt and shoes are gorgeous! You made a great choice, lovely!


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